Esoteric Teachings



Seven Mighty Elohim - and the Five Elohim of the Secret Rays

Gods Covenants

Ascended Masters

Who are the Ascended Masters

Links to Individual Ascended Masters

Building the Living Temples of Victory

The Guru-Chela Relationship

What is the Great White Brotherhood?

Lost Tribes of Israel

The Order of Melchizedek

Christ Self

Aligning Oneself with Christ - God's Will Is Supreme

Lord Maitreya Initiates Us - Part II - Healing the Great Whore Energies

The Five Secret Rays - A look at the secret rays that were revealed during the development of a set of affirmations created by the Theosophians to restore the wholeness of Mother in ourselves and the earth, with a comparison to the set of dictations and false secret rays that were revealed through Kim Michaels in Shangra-la and on the Ask Real Jesus website.

The Fruits - Gifts of the Holy Spirit of God

What is Kinesiology? - Golden Age Healing Therapies

Divination and the Bible - The use of teh Urim and Thummim in Biblical times.

The Image of Christ

Sons and Daughters of God

Alpha Therapy - The Lair of the Great Whore - An unexpected experience in a hypnotherapy sessions where the i AM takes us into the world of the Great Whore and her lair.

Seven Bodies of Man

Christ Wisdom and Being More

The I AM Presence - Being I AM

Who Are You Being?

How can I know the Will of God?

What is the Threefold Flame?

What is the Cosmic Clock Teachings?

Planet Earth

America's Chakras - The discovery of seven new chakras in the emotional body of America and what is their purpose.

The State of the World's Karma

Evolutions of Earth - The History of the Light with Darkness

Hurricane Hits Gulf Coast - The Cause of Returning Karma

The Cause of Returning Karma - A look at behind the scenes as to what truly could cause such a disaster as hit the Gulf states in 2005.

The Indian Black Brotherhood

An understanding of the black arts at work in our culture through the elemental kingdom manifesting into the physical realm as storms, fire, injury, pain and calamity, and an ancient darkness uncovered in New York.

The Time is Now!

Recent devasting events in the U.S., with violent storms spawning hundreds of tornadoes, has awakened the hearts of many tornado survivors. What can we do to assist Mother Mary and the Restoration of the Mother within ourselves and the earth?

Warning of Floods and Calamity - The Judgment Will Come - the Question is, "Will Mankind Heed the Warning?"

A look at a warning from Jesus and Saint Germain and what happened before and after. A testimony to God's protection when we follow His Will.