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The Soul of Jesus

A Member of the Great White Brotherhood

The Unascended Ascended Master Luara's brief history before becoming a Messenger and what followed afterward.

Am I the Great Divine Director's Only Twin Flame?

The truth is truth regardless of our limited consciousness to internalize a higher truth. The Great Divine Director is a Cosmic Being, but few know his flame. The Great Divine Director position comes as a mantle. The soul who is one with this flame here below ensouls divine direction.

Inner Hearing—God's Promptings From Within

My path in following inner direction. Its beginnings in the Light in the year 1982 culminating in the ascension in 2012.

Who Is the Christ

A little parody about claiming you are God.

The Un-Holy Spirit of a False Messenger

The Holy Spirit through the Presence of the Maha Chohan inspired a look at a false dictation supposedly by him and what are some of the distortions in that release.

Spiritual Significance of False Teachers

Who Are You? Why are You Here?

Judge Righteous Judgment

No man will stand between me and my God and the truth of Being.

War Between Light and Darkness

There is a spiritual warfare in Ascended Master organizations where evil seeks to control the Light released by the Ascended Masters. Call forth heaven's intercession and be defenders of truth.

A Christmas Story

The Christ is born one Christmas morn

Discovering the not-self and ways to overcome it - Be the Christ!

The School of Being

A look at the spiritual purpose of why the School of Being was founded and why it was closed—in less than a year.

The Fallen Image Began with the Fall - Part I

Surrendering the Knowing

The Fallen Image Began with the Fall - Part II

Karma Through Selfishness

Fear of the Christ Light

Letter from a soul who thought we should not claim to be the Christ.

Divine Direction

Being Retrieval

Twin Flame Karma - Part VII

Condemnation Against the Mother

We cannot become wise without the Mother and without the restoration of the Divine Feminine within both man and woman. The masculine brings his wisdom of the Father, but the Mother brings the wisdom of the heart. The masculine looks to get from the feminine the praise, the adoration, the sense of empowerment that he is More without really Being More. When the feminine gives selflessly and the masculine seeks to get rather than give, thinking her gift is impure and wrong, she turns to a false giving to receive acceptance.  She falsely gives the masculine what he wants, and what she receives in return is the false adoration.

Christ Wholeness with the Mind of God

The philosophy that wisdom is the principle thing is only true in the context of finding wholeness through the Mind of God. Yet the Mind of God is not accessed through the lower mind, but the heart that is one with the Christ Mind and opening your heart to God. Not a graven image of God, but the true God of I AM THAT I AM.

Do You Know the Way?

Sharing some teachings on finding the way to I AM.





Holy Spirit