Light Victorious

Ascending to God Consciousness

Practice Makes Perfect

Examples of lifestreams who excelled from practicing and how in the Messenger's personal life she put practice into action to excel all the way to her ascension.

The Way to Spiritual Freedom

Life need not be just about gaining our own freedom and winning our ascensions. What about working for the Light and being a warrior of Peace? A look at how you can Be on earth, changing your focus from selfishness to selflessness, and how we must look to be our brother's keeper and be warriors of the spirit to fight for freedom, not only for ourselves but for all who are of God or are defenseless against the forces of darkness.

Who and What is Real? - Removing the Mask

A compelling look at the masks people wear to hide their hidden motives and how some of the most ordinary things can hide something of extraordinary beauty within. Do we have a right to call forth the judgment on those who hide their darkness with an outer mask of beauty? This lesson was given to the messenger and students to prepare them for the seven years ahead, when the former messenger, Kim Michaels, would release his Conscious You belief and attempt to pass it off as the Real You.

The Seven Stages of Being to Oneness


Steps to Being True Perfection

it is not just the results that makes perfection on earth, but the process which comes out of the will to Be, the love of more and the pure innocent joy of giving—in love.

Understanding the True Nature of God

The Messenger shares insights into the words and teachings Elohim Cyclopea released in his dictation on what constitutes the Christ Son and his wisdom in relationship to Father-Mother God's wisdom. What are the objections the fallen angels had with God's plan? That the Christ Son would be the wisdom in the hearts of God's own children and in his sons and daughters who were in Eden and fell under the cunning of the serpentine wisdom.

Seven Levels of God Reserve

What is God Reserve? Where do we find God Reserve? How to pray to God Reserve for all you need.

Is Unconditional Love God's Will?

Twin Flame Karma

Following God's Will - Part I

Learn how Adam and Eve fell as the Messenger lived through Eve's fall as she took on the energies Eve succumbed to. As she describes her tests and victories it becomes clear what initiations Eve failed and how Adam played a role in her fall.

Christ IS IS Born in You

One of the steps to Christhood is going through the dark nights. Beyond the dark night of the Spirit, is the dark night of Being. We need to understand who we are by knowing our God flames and Being that flame, regardless of the resistance. Being the Christ also means being the Truth and using discernment to know what is Real and what is not. Confessing to God and asking for help is very important to becoming the Christ. A look at the Fall and the understanding that both Adam and Eve chose to believe the lie and how the superiority and inferiority complex was a false belief they accepted and contributed to their fall.

My Mission in Peace

Being One with I AM

All divine direction comes through your mind and heart, but not always both, there is this flow between them when you are Being. In Being you are one with I AM and from that place find true peace.

Losing the Will To Be
And Regaining it through Determination, forgiveness and Love

Holy Spirit Lessons - January 2012 - May 4, 2012

Lessons One: Restoring the Love of the Father's Will
Two: Restoring the Christ Mind in the Father's Will
Three: Spiritual Mother - Emotional Body
Four: Purging the Physical Body

"In this year of the Mother ISIS flowing in our world, we will have the opportunity to flow with the powers of God in receiving the Holy Spirit through ISIS. In order for the Holy Spirit to use our temples, we need to understand who and what the Holy Spirit is, and how the Spirit moves through us when we love God's Will above anything or anyone. Padma Sambhava has directed me to give weekly lessons, which I will teach and put on this website. They will be 48 lessons, 12 for each of the four quadrants of the four elements and planes in Creation. The lessons will culminate in Wesak, the celebration of Buddha's birth & enlightenment at the time of the Taurus full moon in May and with the celebration of Saint Germain's ascension day, May 1,1684."

Unconditional Love

There is a common misconception in the New Age circle that love will heal the world and heal the differences we have among the people who inhabit this planet. A look at some of the misconceptions about love and what Jesus taught about the judgment

The Correlation of Heart Disease and Love

Exploring the true cause of heart disease and what we can do to help keep our hearts healthy. We need to love and cherish the God in us and the uniqueness we have to contribute to the world and thereby allow God's love through us to share with others and be receptacles to receive their love in return. Love is the center of our Being and our physical heart is connected with our spiritual heart, how we treat others and ourselves is truly reflected in whether we have a healthy heart or not.

The Sin of Adam

Restoring of Mother through Adam

Evil Is Not Real