Invoking the Light

The sun shines the nurturing light providing the earth and all thereon the ability to exist. The sun is always there, but where are we in relation to the sun? If we are facing the sun we are bathed in that life-giving nurturance. But if we are facing away from the light, our experiences will change into a rest period, where we are processing that light to become one with it. We can't do this in one moment, but only in increments, for that light is too great to assimilate. If someone won't turn to the light, or starts moving away from it, in an attempt to avoid the life-transforming properties of the sun, has the sun stopped the nurturing light still radiating upon the earth? Does the sun give up and go away because it is rejected? The Real Self of each Being radiates through us if we allow it. The Being that we are is at its very essence Light. Being is a choice, to embody that Light or not. Death is the result of the withdrawal of the Being and the life-giving light. Being my brother's keeper is stepping down the light to help another who may not be able to face the sun directly because of wrong choices in the past or because of the inability to find their way back to the light. It is a the Light Being through the I AM that is the true brother's keeper.

Who Is In Control?

Understanding the surrender of the ego.

Alpha Therapy

A healing modality to help uncover and understand blocks to Being and unreality.

How To Heal Soul Fragmentations

Four main sections with prayers and meditations to invoke the light.


The power of prayer is tremendous to help ourselves and one another. This section has several forms of prayers that are put together to form a unique prayer matrix to bring light for the restoring of our relationship with God.

Science of the Spoken Word

This section brings forth the understanding of the science of the spoken word in relationship to God Being through us. You may find here decrees, calls, rosaries, mantras and pronouncements.

The Violet Flame

Learn what the violet flame is and how to use it.


Going within is an important process to union with God. There are various forms of meditation, but there is no one right way. Meditation is really any process that brings you closer to God. The purpose of meditation is to help you focus on the God Reality within. This section will provide some suggestions on how you may reach a higher oneness with the divinity of God within you and provides some meditations.