Science of the Spoken Word

What is the Science of the Spoken Word?

There are many ways to use the power of the Word for personal and planetary transformation. Learn what is the science of the spoken word can do for you and what you can do with the word.

What are the Seven Rays?




History of Rosaries - Healing Past Choices through Prayer and the Violet Flame

Sword of Truth Rosary

A new rosary for restoring the Sacred Word (S-word), refuting the lies of the Antichrist attempting to take the sons and daughters of God off the Path of Oneness with I AM.

PDF - Slide 35-38 automatically advance through the song. Double click to start in a few seconds. For Mac users the sound file is here.


El Rosario de la Espada de la Verdad


ISIS Rosary Being Divine Direction

A new rosary for helping you connect to your own inner Divine Direction and to honor the Divine Direction of the Guru Sanat Kumara and all the Gurus under our beloved Father.

PowerPoint file

PDF (Last slide has sound, double click to start)

Mac users find sound file here.


Fourteenth Rosary, Mystery of Surrender

Pronouncements and Affirmations

Restoration of ISIS

Affirmations to restore wholeness in Being, created and recorded after our Ireland conference 2010


Padma Sutra - instructions

PDF - (updated 8/18/2011) To start music double click speaker icon and in a few seconds it will start. Slides will advance automatically and is timed to the music if you click on the icon immediately upon opening slide.


A new type of prayer to raise up the Mother Light and bring about the judgment of the Great Whore by overturning her lies.

Created by the Theosophian students Christmas conference 2009.

Pronouncement of Being

El pronunciamiento del Ser

Created by the Theosophia students while in the United Kingdom, October 2009 with PDF and sound file links.
Other Restorations for personal and planetary healing can be found here.


Decree for the Youth - PPT

(Right-click here to download PDF slideshow)

Created by a Theosophia for the spiritual nurturance of the youth


Prayers and Calls


Prayer for adverse Weather Conditions

For use with the 33-day vigil:

Ruby Ray call for the Judgment of the Great Whore

Ruby Ray for the Acceleration of Light, of God-Desire, and of the Will to Be

Judgment of Anti-Being

Judgment of Planetary Great Whore

Call to Astrea and Purity

For the release of mental, emotional and physical bondage.

Being Prayer

Judgment call for the Conscious You Perversions

Bija Mantras

Single syllable mantras for the balancing of the chakras.