What are Restorations?

We began creating them in 2010. They are a unique blend of mantras, affirmations, decrees, songs and meditations that are formulated to help restore wholeness in the Body of God through the Trinity of Being Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and the squaring of the circle through the Mother. Each Restoration is dedicated to one of the Four Persons of God. Each Restoration has a description and direction to help you focus on the greatest amount of healing and purification of yourself in the Body of each Person of God. They are numbered one through eight, in the order they were created.

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Restoration of the Son behind the Sun (1)

The Direction that Leads to Enlightenment - An explanation of the cause of the loss of Divine Direction in our lives and the tools we have created in Theosophia to help you reconnect to your spiritual centers, balance your chakras and raise the Mother Light.

Directions of the components of this restoration - This restoration is for the healing and cleansing of your seven chakras. A description of the new Restoration of the Son behind the Sun and the use of yantras, mantras, iconography and the science of the spoken word.that is incorporated into this restoration.

Restoration Power Point

Restoration PDF

Restoration of the Mother (2)

Beloved Saint Germain has given us a dispensation. In exchange, we be giving eight different restorations over the course of eight weeks. This is restoration two, dedicated to the Mother. Directions and understanding of this restoration are in the link above, the actual restorations links below.

Directions -This restoration is dedicated to the Mother in Matter.



Restoration of the Son (3)

The Path of the Rose Cross directions - The Restoration brings us to the heart, the white fire core of Being in the Matter sphere, reestablishing the anchor of our own Real Self and our electronic blueprint, both East and West, North and South. This week's restoration is at the East Gate, the office of the Man occupied in Earth by the Two Witnesses. The Path of the Ruby Ray (or Rose Cross) requires that initiates embark upon a path where they required to prepare themselves, their Being and world, through the purification and mastery of the Matter sphere.

Restoration PowerPoint - Updated with added music and slides August 2011

Restoration PDF

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Restoring the Sun in Spirit - The Sun behind the Son (4)

Directions - This restoration is dedicated to the Son in Spirit on the East Gate in Matter. It is the office of the Man filled in heaven by Jesus Christ. Here is the casting out of serpents by the Son, who is one with the Father using the power of the throat chakra on the first ray. In order to cast out that serpent from within, the Son needs to master his energies and work to overcome all temptations of pride in his being. This restoration connects you with the power of God.

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Restoration of the Father in Spirit (5)

Directions - This restoration is dedicated to help you connect with the inner Being of the Son behind the Sun and the Sun behind the Son, Father, one with the Son, and through the Mother and all energies that oppose us Being Father-Mother God here below.

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Restoration PDF

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Restoring You to the Holy Spirit (6)

Instructions - This restoration is giving us the understanding of the West Gate in Spirit, the office filled in Heaven by Gautama Buddha where we are initiated in the science of invocation through the heart chakra.

Restoration PDF


(Slides 5 and 86 have music. Sound files )

Redemption of the Mother (7)

Directions - This restoration is not called a "restoration" because we are not needing to restore the Mother in Spirit, she is already there. But what we are needing to do here below, is redeem her in our hearts. So we dedicate this restoration to knowing the Mother here below as One with the Father Above who is One is Spirit with Mother.



(Slides 5, 8, 14, 61, 86, 98 have music. Sound files if unable to hear.)

Restoration of the Ark of the Covenant (8)

This restoration has no instructions. It is a test of Being. Will the chela rise to Be all that they are in God? Can they use this restoration to move into Being through More?



(Slides 17, 31, 40, 50, 72, 113, 139 have music. Sound files here.)

Restoration of ISIS

Affirmations to assist in the balancing of the seven rays and the five secret rays.