Processing World Energies
in World Service

This section shows examples of how we may serve under heavenly direction. It is a higher service whereby the initiate takes on a negative state of consciousness and through their Christ consciousness raises those energies into the Light, while anchoring true Being.

Divine Intervention

Turning Tragedies into Love

Can we forgive those who are physically prepared to harm us, or who caused the Twin Towers to collapse? Absolutely. Yet how do we turn from fear, anger and the like? Some have miraculously done so, through faith and prayer, and thereby changed the course of their lives. Some have not and still suffer the pain of their losses. It is up to each one to choose which path they will take, but there is one choice that is obviously the higher.

2010 the Year of the Purity of the Mother - Part I

The Path of Selflessness, Service, Sacrifice and Surrender, the True Path of the Ruby Ray

The Messenger describes how carrying the mantle of Mother is carrying the pain of her children and how she processed for months this pain. The process led to the discovery of how communication and speaking from the heart and expressing sorrow all help to bring healing.

Mission Peru
Opposition to Arriving and a Look at Living Conditions in Peru

Part I

Mission Peru
The Divine Purpose in the Base Chakra of Peru

Part II

Mission Peru
Experiencing the Dark Night of I AM in Peru

Part III

Mission Peru
The Road Home to Being I AM THAT I AM

Part IV

Alpha Therapy

Lorraine I AM with I AM THAT I AM

This session on Lorraine Michaels was brought about during a school of Being session with a student, Helen Parmas, and Kim Michaels. Kim and Helen guided the session together. Kim had just told me that he had a higher spiritual oneness with Helen that was above our relationship and his relationship with Shangra-la. He moved in with Helen a few days late. This session reveals some of the Conscious You beliefs that I AM THAT I AM was exposing to me.