The Creator of the Conscious You

Crater Lake, Oregon

Below are presented links to copies of letters, recorded conversations and dictations, and community letters to Kim, as well as exposés written by Lorraine, following their separation as co-messengers in July 2009. It is a history of what unfolded and how Kim became a false messenger for the Ascended Masters. He continues today to claim he is a messenger giving real dictations. After reviewing the facts, presented in great detail here below and in this section, one can make a better informed choice in whether they want to take up Kim's "conscious you" as the real you or the "I AM You" of God.

The Truth About Kim and Lorraine's Separation - July 2009

The last days with Kim Michaels before his separation from Shangra-la and his marriage. What really happened.

The Mother Serpent Within You

followed by a short message from Lao Tzu

A brief history of what happened with students and family when their serpent within was awakened after being on the School of Being property. The property was purchased for the school in October 2008. What unfolded from that point on are highlighted with a few examples of the students and some of the family's strong reactions witnessed through them..

Letters to the Community

When Kim Michaels left his marriage and the Shangra-la community, he did so because he said he said he found a higher oneness with another woman. These are his letters to the Shangra-la community to try and convince them to join him in this higher oneness. When he doesn't receive the response back he thought he should receive, he denounces the members and goes his own way. Just what was this higher oneness and its fruits? Eventually marriage to Helen in January 2012 and then divorce around mid 2014. He moved back to Denmark and remarried his fourth wife in 2016.

July 31, 2009 - Kim Michaels' Announcing his new "oneness" with Helen Parmas and separation from his wife

August 2, 2009 - Sharing My Presence" Kim Michaels

August 3, 2009 - Latest Response

August 4, 2009 - "If Lorraine is not infallible, would you want to know?"


You Think You Know Better!

This is a recorded conversation (with permission) the evening of July 28th, between Kim and Lorraine, the day before he moved out. This conversation (audio and transcription) is provided to give a closer look at the attempts by Kim to put forth energy of confusion, malintent, accusations and unsubstantiated criticism towards Lorraine. There is a psychological ploy used here, using blame, projections, accusations, twisting words and sentences, throwing words back in your face and criticism. It is akin to deprogramming techniques used to take one from their truth and knowing.

The Holy Spirit Bloweth Where It Listeth - Part I

Lorraine shares her emails she wrote to Kim two months after their separation, initially asking for a peaceful and harmonious divorce and then under the false direction of some part of Kim and a false director, writes more emails asking for forgiveness and to join together in future endeavors.

The Holy Spirit Bloweth Where It Listeth - Part II

Kim responds back in anger, using capital letters, and in no uncertain terms tells her it is over, with no talk of peace.

Letters to Kim from Theosophians - Part I

When you hear someone you respected – and who appeared as a Guru and leader of a spiritual community – tell complete lies that go against even what that someone once taught, can you just stand by and say nothing? To be the Christ means standing for truth. And so the Shangra-la and Theosophian students – as representative of the Wisdom of the Mother – have spoken out to Kim in hundreds of emails. This is a compilation of a few of the questions and thoughts to him in Being my brother's keeper.

Part II - Includes a testimony of a student who tried to be the Conscious You teachings; Kim proudly states he is not a guru; a student who faithfully makes calls everyday feels no light in Kim's new releases; why old structures may be timeless constructs and we should not break down; Is Helen's "I will be who I will be" Presence a reality?

Part III - includes responses to email comments from Helen Parmas about Lorraine to the community, and Lorraine's response to them; a letter to Kim from Lorraine pointing out his dishonesty throughout many letters to the community about her; a letter on points on why value judgments are not always wrong; a response to Kim's belief that judgment calls have no power over us if we don't want them to; a comment on Jesus through Kim saying the Creator cannot experience life through us; a Russian student refutes Kim's Mother Mary Russia dictation on what is the real problem in Russia: that women aren't taking care of their men, that women are responsible to rehabilitate their men. Links to Kim Michaels ten chapter article on personal breakthroughs on the Conscious You path that are no longer on his website.

Kim Michaels' Conciliatory Sharing with the Community

Kim wrote the community and me sharing private revelations he gleamed from counseling members over the years. His purpose? He said he was being the cosmic mirror to them. Or was he retaliating for the community letters to his live-in companion about her "I will be" presence dictation?

Kim Michaels December 2009 Letters to Shangra-la members

The Takeover of the Dictations

Part I

Anti-Christ Statements Through Kim Michaels

Part II

Facebook posts Ask Real Jesus

August - September 2012

Kim invited Lorraine to post on his Ask Real Jesus Facebook after previously blocking her. It was an attempt to publicly slander Lorraine. He had allies of several former Shangra-la members who were eagerly awaiting for an opportunity to destroy the image of Lorraine as the Christ. They were not successful and after two weeks Kim not only suddenly blocked Lorraine but deleted five different threads that revealed their hatred of the Mother and became their judgment.

Ask Real Jesus Facebook Kim Michaels libel comments - April 2012


During the last weeks of April 2012, Kim Michaels, his daughter and several other followers of the Ask Real Jesus website started a public campaign on Kim's Facebook to gossip, slander, criticize, lie and fabricate anything that could about his former wife (and mother), Lorraine. They accused Lorraine and the Theosophians of being anti-christ, the original accusers of the brethren, fallen angels, and Kim said "yes they are indeed driven by a hatred of the light, and this simply cannot come from human beings." Thank God we are not human beings, we are the I AM race out of God I AM THAT I AM. Kim believed I was the poster questioning him, but it was not me or my words, I was out of the country putting on a conference.

In this one Facebook thread, Cynthia Shanti, (an alias her name is Knox), posted 91 replies half of the comments on this one thread, clearly giving the example of the type of people that left Shangra-la supporting Kim's false teachings. At one point on this thread Cynthia posted accusations against Lorraine that were so threatening she deleted them before Kim and others could see them after some people warned her of how unbalanced they were. She was spewing hatred. Then she went on Amazon and did a very negative book review on Lorraine's "The Way: Know that I AM You" where she spewed out more hatred and lies that was not talking about the book but to publicly attack Lorraine some more.

Kim Michaels' Accuser of the Brethren - Lorraine describes what happened on Facebook and comments on some of his accusations.

The Higher Truth - False Messenger or Genuine Part I

Kim wrote a series of articles on how, what and why he is a messenger and takes dictations, five articles in total. Yet remarkably they are filled with contradictory statements from part one to part two, etc., saying one thing and then contradicting it later. He also talks about Lorraine under the guise of "I once new this person" or "I met this person" to say why she thinks she is a Messenger but is not. This and more is explained in a Facebook post pointing out where and what is not true he is saying.

The Higher Truth, Part II 

More Open Door to Truth posts with great insights from the Holy Spirit on what is the true path vs. the false path with its cosmic mirror, formlessness, transcendence and unconditional love.

The Spiritual Significance of False Teachings - Part I

A serious look at the Conscious You teachings, as the subtle lies come forth to take you off the path of Christhood and into replacing the Christ with the false path of oneness. The question is, what are you being one with?

June 4, 2010

The Spiritual Significance of False Teachings - Part II

Who Are "You"? And Why Are You Here?


A Higher Oneness New "You"

Part I

Real or False Messengers - Part II

May 17, 2010

2010 the Year of the Purity of the Mother - Part II

Discernment of the Son: Value Judgments

This is a part of an ongoing series to expose the Antichrist lies and false teachings. They teach that value judgments are wrong and that we are not to use righteous judgment to discern evil works as Jesus admonished us to do. Learn what the Bible and the Ascended Masters teach about discerning right and wrong and what the false teachers tell us is 'right and what is wrong' without using those terms in order to defend their acts as right thinking they can stop the judgment of their wrongdoing.

2010 the Year of the Purity of the Mother - Part III

Misuse of God Vision - Discerning Right from Wrong

Examples of how the Conscious You false teachings are projecting wrong images onto the etheric blueprint of God's. This is backwards in that we need to become the etheric blueprint, not impose our images on what it should be.

2010 the Year of the Purity of the Mother - Part I

The Path of Selflessness, Service, Sacrifice and Surrender, the True Path of the Ruby Ray

The Path of Selflessness, Service, Sacrifice and Surrender is the True Path of the Ruby Ray. The mantle of Mother and the carrying of the pain of her children. 

The Law Supports Injustice

A look at the lawyers Jesus rebuked in his day and the current lawsuit and attorney representing Kim Michaels.

Hatred of the Mother

The Redemption of Mother through Adam

November 22, 2010

Is Kim Michaels A False Messenger?

Is this Kim Michaels' Ego?

When a former messenger of the Ascended Masters starts claiming he owns the dictations, and feels he has the right to edit them and take out what the masters have said, is he a true Messenger? Kim has said, "Infringement of copyright implies I have used material over which I do not have the copyright." Does he own the Shangra-la Mission's conference teachings? Many examples are given to clarify Kim is taking false messages since he left Shangra-la in July of 2009.

Community responses

The community and his followers email responses to Kim from his "Sharing My Presence" email to them a week after he left. These are a few of their responses.

A Test of Discernment

Listen or read a Shangra-la dictation of Kim Michaels from a 2005 conference and then a 2009 excerpt from his "Great Divine Director" and note the difference. This particular dictation he is shouting stating, "How can there be anger in divine direction? Do you think that my vibration right now is one of anger, or do you think it is one of reality, where I am simply cutting through the density of your consciousness..." In thirty-five years of listening to hundreds of Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings have I ever heard a Master in this vibration.

Kim Michaels Threatens the Theosophians

Is it serving the Christ to sue one another? Or threaten someone that you will do so if they don't meet your demands? Is it right to ask for equitable distribution of marital division 50/50 if you have caused damages to the viability of one's service and livelihood? Jesus was not afraid of the Pharisees. He was not afraid to go to his death. A lesson in standing for truth regardless of the consequences to your person, property and freedom.

January 30, 2011

Kim and Helen Accuse Theosophians

Theosophians Respond to Accusations

Kim posted on his Facebook page that Theosophians had demonized his partner, Helen. His words were fabrications and Lorraine gives the real story showing without a doubt that what Kim said were lies. Copies of the email exchanges from and to Helen show a different story than what Kim describes. Why would he openly lie on a public platform? Lies have been used on this planet to get what you want or manipulate other people. Kim knows his FB readers will believe anything he says and accept his demonizing Theosophians and keep them from reading the truth about him.

Evil Is Not Real

"Whatever may come your way, remember: Evil is not real and its appearance has no power over you. Do not empower it with superstition, with gossip, with fear and doubt!"

When evil prevails is it enough to not believe it is real? If not, what do you do about it? Will love overcome evil and turning the other cheek? Or is the judgment necessary and why? Truth must be spoken, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

September 11, 2011

Sixty Accusations hurled at the Shangra-la Community

A list of 60 accusations from emails Kim Michaels sent the Theosophians and Lorraine.

The Key to Seeing the Consciousness of the Dweller

A chela knows their Guru well. Padma Sambhava has been my Guru since 2003. Would I be able to recognize an impostor? I have, with God's Will, uncovered a whole lot more than a false impostor.

Ultimate Truth or Lie

The lie posed as the ultimate truth or truth posed as an ultimate lie?

You decide.

Petition Announcement

A message to the community on the creation of a petition to sign regarding Kim Michaels.

Online Petition

"We Hereby Claim that Kim Michaels Has No Rights to the Assets of the Shangra-la Mission or its Subsidiaries."

A petition created by The Shangra-la Mission to protect its interests from Kim Michael's and his attempts to claim the non-profit's assets as his own. Kim claims the Shangra-la Mission is not a sponsored Ascended Master activity but a "tax entity" to avoid paying taxes, in order to attempt to make it a part of the settlement agreement with his choice to separate from Shangra-la and his co-messengership with Lorraine.

Update: Kim filed for divorce in August 2010. The divorce was final in April 2011. Kim Michaels spent approximately $21,000 in attorneys fees to try and get Shangra-la's assets and money from the divorce and separation, outside of what he took with him when he left in July 2009 he received nothing more. It was a great victory in and for the Light!

Removing the Beam from Your Eye

Can we one day remove the beam from our own eye and thereby see with clarity the beam in another? Some teach that when we see the beam in the other we are not being responsible, we are ignoring the beam in our own eye. This is a projection upon the sons and daughters of God that they can never be pure enough to be the Christ. This lie is challenged and that there is no mercy or forgiveness necessary to another for any acts they have committed, because that would imply you are prideful and think you are superior.. Is the Ruby Ray the fire of judgment? No, that would imply someone has done something wrong. A look at the Conscious You world of the not-self, where God and God's Laws are made obsolete for the new higher "I will be who I will be" world of the dweller-on-the-threshold and the carnal mind.

Righteous Men are to Do Nothing with Evil

Is there a new way to evaluate the experiences we have on Earth? Are these experiences going to take us to heaven in the ritual of the ascension? And by what means will God evaluate our return with More Being? A look at some subtle lies that come from the mind of Antichrist.

The un-Holy Spirit of a False Messenger

The Holy Spirit is everywhere and when you work with the Holy Spirit you know you are working with God. Yet some think that the Holy Spirit is not created by God, but by beings of a higher consciousness. Some think there aren't nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, but 144,000. Some think they know more than God Reality by making up their own reality. A look at Kim's idea of what the Holy Spirit is. How do you receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit? A visit to subterranean levels with Kim's Maha Chohan and the fallen ones he says can't be saved.

Horizontal Oneness

A depiction of a "higher oneness" proposed by the fallen masculine in the "conscious you".