I  AM the Real You

Our Father - A Meditation on You

How do you receive the Word of God? How is trust involved with our relationship with Father, with I AM, with God? Building a relationship with Father God from trust is the beginning of your path home to God. Learn to let go, and let God be in control of your life.

God's Will vs. Free Will

Did God really give us free will so that we can do anything we want through our wills? A most dangerous state of mind is to think that because we have free will God is allowing us to do what we like until we tire of it and come to obey the laws of the heart. Only you can choose but there are consequences for your choices.

Expressing God Realty

Understanding the Real You - Part II

The level of the Mind of God witnessed through a group of people gives us insights into the possibility of existing together in a world where people can love and express their Being without criticism, projections and fears put upon them.

My Twin Flame Oneness

The highest oneness we can have is with our twin flame, outside of our oneness with I AM THAT I AM and God source from whence we came. We are one with our twin flame no matter the distance in time and space or whether one half is in embodiment and the other remains in Spirit. Yet through love we can spiral into oneness with others ourside of our twin flame relationship.Those relationships teach us and prepare us for true oneness with our twin flames and God Self if we follow God's will and divine direction.

Who Is in Control

The Christ or the Dweller?

Understanding what the dweller-on-the-threshold is in relation to the carnal mind and the ego and the new glorified self of the Conscious You raised up as pure awareness. Jesus gave us the dweller call to bind that dweller. Today we have in addition the Restorations and other calls for the binding and judgment of the Conscious You.

A New Day - "I AM" You

Today we have the knowledge of a "you" that is not "I AM" You. The Masters and Cosmic Beings spoke about the true You from the beginning of the Shangra-la Mission. Their words are shared here from the past guiding us to where we needed to be. Yet their words were not heeded. The ties to a false oneness would take precedence. What was hidden became known. Today we know the true path to spiritual freedom.

I AM in Control

Awakening to Being and being under the God control of I AM.

Being the Will of God

If I am Being, is everything I do God's will? This answer and more.

Acts of Kindness

Understanding kindness and altruism.

Realizing There Is More - Love in Action

The key to being More is Love. Every soul needs direction. Have goals and inspire them with your desires, especially those of love.

The Right Expression of Love

Victory Being the Christ
Being God's Will

Do you really love God's Will and His Laws? A look at how integral knowing and loving God's Will is to being the Christ. Unfortunately there are those who do not love the will of God, or want God's will in their lives yet put themselves in places as representatives of God's will and change or ignore the laws of God.

The Americas, Messengers and the Delivery of the Word

The Thoughtform for Year 2011