Conscious You

Series on what is the Conscious You

What is the Conscious You or conscious being? - part I

The Subconscious and Unconscious Influence - part II

Why Did Eve Fall? - part III

The Great Whore Connection to the Conscious You - part IV

Adam's Fall, Creating the Conscious You - part V

The Key to Recognizing False Messengers

Part I - Teaching Unconditional Love

There are many so-called religious people in the world who want a life of instantaneous pleasure and the false more over the real path of discipleship and being my brother's keeper. The concept of unconditional love gives many the freedom to continue to get rather than give and leads them down the false path.

Part II - Unwilling to Take Responsibility

A look at why does someone ignore the Guru and seek out a path and teaching that incurs little responsibility and mastery, wanting the lies over the truth.

Understanding the Real You - Part I

The Real Self of the Mind of God is accessed through the Christ consciousness. The fallen angels discovered they were trapped in animal form when they "fell" or were cast out of heaven for their rebellion against God's will. What did their influence have over God men that contributed to their fall?

Part II - Expressing God Reality

The level of the Mind of God witnessed through a group of people gives us insights into the possibility of existing together in a world where people can love and express their Being without criticism, projections and fears put upon them.

Buddha Lineage

Those who endorse a path with certain aspects more like like the path of the Buddha, but put down certain other aspects of the path that utilize the essence of Divine Being, have endorsed a false path that does not lead back to God. While Buddhists don't have God in their belief system, this false path does have God. What makes their path false?

Is the Conscious You Disappointed with the Teachings of the Masters?

Part I

Many of the Ascended Master students around Theosophia receive letters from individuals who tell them to leave behind this teaching and follow them, or join them following the Conscious You teachings. What is their true intention? Why do they want to convert you to change your beliefs and follow the Conscious You, or other false messengers? A look at an imploring letter to join with a follower of the Conscious You.

Part II

Letters to John, the Conscious You follower, and what the students of the Ascended Masters have to say to him.

Is the Conscious You Mean? - Part I

Some create a psuedo self to live and exist in the world. When it is tied with the Conscious You philosophy this self can even justify meanness while claiming it is peaceful and kind and you are the one who is mean. If you have meant someone like this, or are yourself this way, this discourse will give some insights on what the Christ sees about the Conscious You.

Part II - How did this pseudo self we now know is called the "Conscious You" come into existence and take over the masculine side of life? Living with someone and teaches that way can bring a greater understanding of this pseudo self.

The Anti-Christ Opposing the Christ

Claiming Your Christhood

A member of the Summit Lighthouse challenges being the Christ and claiming your Christhood. Is he right?

Formlessness - Is this our True Nature?

What is formlessness, and is that our final goal once in heaven? Is the Creator God formless? Is there another God behind the Creator God that is the formlessness we need to return to? Many in New Age circles promote the idea. What has God said to man about our true nature?

Karma Through Selfishness

Throughout history the masculine-feminine aspects of Father-Mother God within man have ultimately been divided in the psyche of the mass consciousness, thereby keeping man and woman from inner and outer wholeness. The Masters give us some keys to overcoming this division and seeing the truth of what is lost that we need to regain.

The Love of Eve - Part I

Relationships between men and women have been skewed with ideas of how to complete themselves through the oppositive sex. Is that our goal in life? A look at some concepts that encourage the wrong path, with seeking a "higher oneness", to return to a place of non-duality and elevating wisdom above divine direction and the real You, the Christ and the flame of Mother.

In Part II - A look at our true dual nature of mascuine and feminine and Eve's separation from her Real Self.

Behavioral Characterists of Mentally Manipulative People

When I originally wrote this article there were hundreds of views a week. I had to change the name and remove some words such as 'psyco path' (with the space intentionally inserted) and 'narcissists". What that was telling me was that ordinary people were hungry to find any information that could about these issues and whether their loved ones and friends had these disorders. With the amount of hits it was clear this is a rising problem in society and people want to know how to protect themselves and what to do to help, but first to recognize what it is.

The Fallacy of a Perfect Partner

The Book of Enoch gives us a deeper understanding of some ancient beliefs, that a group of fallen angels called the Watchers, left their high estate to mate with the daughters of men. Who were these daughters and what happened to their offspring?

The Understanding of Spiritual and Intellectual Pride

How to recognize pride and overcome it.

Pride is one of, if not, the major downfall of the fallen angels. But it is also one of the major downfalls of Adam which caused the creation of the Conscious You.

Perversions of Buddhism - Part I

Like all religions that are founded upon the teachings of a Master, Gautama brought into the world a way of living to overcome the wheel of rebirth. Yet as many religions have experienced, time introduces new concepts and waters down the true message. What has infiltrated Buddhism today that takes one from his real message?

Perversions of Buddhism - Part II

A deeper look into the Middle Way, the Noble Truths and Tibetan Buddhism and the concepts the Ascended Masters' teach.

Mentally Less or Powerfully More?

Part VI on a series on Twin Flames

A look at the incredible beauty and mastery of savants who came into embodiment with handicaps but exhibit exceptional skill or brilliance in some limited field such as mathematics or music.

Wisdom Without Heart

The center of our Being is our heart. A look at the major religions where wisdom has taken precedence over the heart.

Joy Josephs letter to Lorraine Michaels

A revealing letter from Kim Michaels' good friend, who condoned Kim's leaving his wife and Shangra-la and moving in with Helen Parmas a few days later in August 2009. There are two letters to Lorraine MIchaels and  one to the Shangra-la community from Joy.