I AM More

A Lesson On Love

Learning to love and forgive, to hold the immaculate concept and instill trust, all was taught through a gift horse—from heaven!

Communication - The Most Important Quality to Keeping a Love Relationship Growing

A look at the five languages of love and what people say they really want in their primary loving relationship.

Being - Part III

The More God Expanding

A teaching on soul fragmentation and how a soul can win her ascension before becoming completely whole. Ascended Masters can also be more than one cosmic Being by choosing to send down a soul from their ascended state whereby that soul portion will eventually ascend and return to heaven as an ascended master.

Following a False Religion

Obstruction to Being Part I

The Psychology, the Mind and Consciousness

Obstruction to Being Part II

The Guru Chela Relationship

What makes a good Guru/chela relationship? Is it necessary for growth? A look at some aspects of what is a good relationship of a chela with a Guru.

Divine Purity

Understanding the flame of Purity and the connection to Mother. What calls can we make to help restore our own purity and the purity and divine blueprint in the world?

Being Who You Are and More

Love Is the Key

Insights into what Being IS and taking that Being into action to More.

Loving God Power

A brief look at the physics behind the fascinating source of power in the physical plane and the body temple.

Victory Overcoming Projections of Judgment

Sometimes we can become burdened by energies that we cannot identify. Many times it is a type of aggressive mental suggestions. At other times it is criticism, condemnation and judgment energies. We need to learn to protect ourselves and identify that energy that can negatively affect us.

Glimpse Into Heaven

Where the I AM THAT I AM Burns as an Eternal Fire.

Finding the Wholeness of Being I AM THAT I AM

Exposing the Fallen Angels

Forgiveness and Letting Go of Loved Ones

When Surrender is Only One-Sided.

I Will to Be More God - Part I

Going deeper into the understanding of "More" in a journey back into Biblical times and the life of Abraham (El Morya).

I Will to Be "More" God - Part II

Weaving in and out of recent history are the lives of Saint Patrick, El Morya, Jesus, the Rai of Suerni and the ancient and more recent civilizations they inhabitated. Understanding More through the history of their times.

Twin Flame Karma - Part II

The More I AM

Looking deeper into the cause of the Fall, there is the ego and carnal mind. But are they the same? And who was more influenced by one over the other? Learn who your Real Self is and how conflict and competition began the development of the ego that started first in Adam, or the masculine twin flame. Learn the difference in what caused the fall of Adam from what caused the fall in Eve and what is the secret about divine direction and the only way back to Father-Mother God.

The Maltese Cross, Symbol of God-Controlled Power

The Maltese Cross is a powerful symbol that can help us learn to use God-Power in a positive way. St. Germain gave us the Maltese cross as a symbol of the perfect balance of the God flame, “as heaven, so on earth” providing an energy and thought matrix whereby the ill effects of planetary and personal karma can be brought under control and the Power of Godly virtues released in their place. The cross is a symbol of God-controlled Power.