The Great Divine Director



The Great Divine Director is a Cosmic Being who ensouls the flame of Divine Direction. The Great Divine Director is a very integral part of the mission, along with Saint Germain, to bring in the Golden Age of Aquarius.

Surrendering to be the Twin Flame of "Great Divine Direction"

Following Divine Direction: a Way to Love

Way to I AM Being - Part II

How do we receive Divine Direction?

Do you know the difference between the inner and outer Guru? Do you know what the Will of God is and how to connect with that will? It is through Faith, Hope and Charity that we may know God I AM and Be God's Will.

Way to I AM Being - Part III

How do we understand Divine Direction?

Why do we need to have outer Divine Direction? Some examples on Divine Direction works in your world, at various levels on the intiates' path, as well as our beloved Father El Morya's supreme example of sacrificing his only son, Isaac.

Twin Flame Karma - Part V

Life Is Not Always What it Seems

When twin flames can honor each other's differences and learn to flow together in utilizing both their power and love, harmony and wisdom can flow between them. This flow can be between any male-female relationship when you set aside competition and allow Being to flow between you. Witnessing this cosmic dance through the Christ Son, leaves you feeling in awe that this flow can exist so wonderfully between a man and a woman.

Twin Flame Karma

Part IV - Divine Direction and Victory - the Way to Bliss

On the path of the ascension there are many levels of direction. The further we are from oneness with I AM and our Christ Self the further we are from receiving inner direction. As you grow in self-mastery you also grow in spiritual communication and sometimes under an outer Guru, yet we always have an inner guru whether we hear him or not. We may develop clairaudience in time. Yet beyond clairaudience there is a higher level. It is being one with the Mother's Wisdom. It is a place of knowing and above hearing. But does the world accept and honor this form of higher communication? Twin flames separated because they stopped accepting each other's differences and levels on the path which includes different ways of receiving inner guidance. When Eve accepted her higher knowing was wrong the ramifications were catastrophic for all future generations, she and Adam had cast off the true Mother. Yet if you can follow this inner wisdom regardless of what assails you in opposition to it, you can rise above the pain into bliss.

How can I know the Will of God?

How did we lose our direct link to God and begin to rely on spiritual authority figures to connect us to God’s Will – or what they believe God’s will is for us? How do you make a direct connection to God and the Creator’s Will? A look at three major states of consciousness that interfere with our Being God's Will.

My Story on the Development of Integrated Kinesiology 

A brief story of how I developed and eventually taught the method of Integrated Kinesiology and how this method helped discern divine direction.