God Gratitude

Gratitude as Joyful Love

Examples of how powerful gratitude can be when we surrender everything and learn to see the best of any situation even in times of adversity.

Conditions For Being Divine Love

These are the conditions of the love of Father and Son for you: "If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love." Learn the mportance in Being Mother and the role she plays in Divine Love.

Visions of the Heart - Part I

An Alpha therapy session where through Anne's visualization and the Holy Spirit, we are taken into a special place that can be found within each one of us. Understanding the Divine Love from within the heart.

Visions of the Heart - Part II

Part I was an Alpha Therapy session into the heart. Part II goes into the understanding of the Fall of the Mother Light and raising it up through the immaculate concept using the visuals and aide of the use of the Kabbala Tree of Life and the Cosmic clock. The key is love to heal and restore our Being.

The Way to God Reserve - Be Love!


Your Truth is Not Mine

Expressing from the heart the power of adversity and the gratitude for all that adversity has taught and revealed.

Surrender in the Heart

How do we surrender in the heart? Connecting with the threefold flame in the secret chamber of your heart and having the faith that God worketh hitherto and I work.

Life Victorious

A Rallying Cry to the Sons and Daughters of God

Can you do God's will regardless of the world's opposition to it? If we truly aim in life to be one with I AM surrendering everything in this world even family, possessions, careers and our own will, then we must not only surrender but become one with the will of God.

Profound Gratitude

Lorraine shares her gratitude to the community and to those who attended a recent conference. While she was out of the country Kim Michaels, her former husband, and some of his followers started a Facebook campaign, slandering Lorraine and the community, hurling accusations and lies about her and the Theosophians with no facts to back any of their claims. Lorraine shares some of the outrageous and slanderous claims made. While Kim said his former wife created conflicts with people, after 16 conferences since Kim's departure there have not been any conflicts. Conflicts at conferences had been normal prior to his leaving, thereby refuting his claim that his former wife was the one drawing the conflicts to the organization. He also claims that we in Theosophia are deranged, stalkers and liars. 

Entire Facebook thread containing 217 comments before Kim deleted some he found too revealing or were refuting the accusations.

Heart vs. Mind

Separating us from our hearts and making the mind the superior goal has taken fruition across the planet. Wherever the wall of partition exists between heart and mind, wherever one predominates over the other, there is bound to be an imbalance in the expression of the Christ.