Theosophian Messages from Heaven

This section contains the Messages (dictations) from the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings taken since 2009 by Lorraine Michaels, now unascended Lady Master Luara.

Who Are These Voices? - The steps to following the Holy Spirit and inner direction.

What is a Messenger? - An explanation on what is the office of Messenger and how one becomes a messenger.

A Member of the Great White Brotherhood - A brief history on how I found the Teachings of the Ascended Masters in this life and became a Messenger for them.

Who are the Ascended Masters? - The Ascended Masters once walked the earth and ascended as Jesus demonstrated in his life. They are members of the Great White Brotherhood and serve the earth and her people.

The Holy Spirit Moves Me - In 2002 the Messenger was given an assignment to go to the Statue of Liberty and the Washington Monument to connect with the spiritual energies anchored in both. Shortly afterward she received the anointing to become a Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood. She shares a few parts of that trip from the perspective of I AM.

Father Messages

In this section are a the words from God I AM and by God the Father representatives, beloved Alpha with Omega; Sanat Kumara, our God the Father representative for the earth; God Tabor, the God of the Mountains; Surya who is a cosmic being from the God Star Sirius (the seat of God-government in this sector of our galaxy), he works with the earth bringing God Power on behalf of the evolutions of earth; and the Great Divine Director, who is my spiritual twin flame. He is a cosmic Being who brings to mankind the divine plan of the Father. El Morya represents God the Father, but I received no public messages from him since 2007.

Mother Messages

In this section are messages from the Ascended Lady Masters: Goddess of Liberty, Goddess Theosophia, Pallas Athena, Lady Master Portia, and some ascended saints: Lady Master Kristine, Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, and Saint Terese.

Son Messages

In this section are the Jesus IS teachings from 2007 along with explanations for each teaching and an updated message from Jesus. Jesus has not dictated through me because he is my Higher Being. He brought these IS teachings through me for the specific purpose of the judgment of the Conscious You teachings and the mission I had come into embodiment to do.

Holy Spirit Messages

In this section are many other Ascended Masters. Padma Sambhava gave many messages over the years. He anointed me with the mantle of Guru in 2003. Since then he has been the Guru to the School of Being students, and to the Theosophians. Saint Germain brought us dispensations of light and Mighty Victory brought message after message, thereby inspiring us to keep on with our mission with the judgment of the Conscious You teachings.

Elohim Messages

This section contains profound messages from each of the seven Elohim. They specifically address what has happened and why with the Shangra-la Mission and Theosophia.

Buddha Messages

These messages are from Gautama Buddha, Lord Himalaya and Hermes Trismegistus. Gautama has not given messages through me but a few since my Messengership began. They are also profound in bringing understanding of what has occurred within Theosophia and the breakup of the Shangra-la Mission.

False Dictations

In this section I have exposés on false dictations delivered through my former husband and co-messenger. After seven years as messengers together he left to form a higher oneness with another woman and bring forth false teachings mixed with the true teachings of the Ascended Masters. I go through several of his dictations, as well as from his then live-in partner, a self-proclaimed messenger with no heavenly sponsorship, and point out the inconsistencies, blatant changing of Ascended Master concepts and even changing the Ascended Master names. They were promoting themselves as the new "higher oneness" relationship between male and female. That relationship has since ended and my former husband has remarried his fourth wife in the last year.