Zarathustra, with the I AM Presence

Legions of Angels Bring Victory

June 15, 2003

I AM Zarathustra. I am come this day with a message of import to give to you because you have earned it and some of you are in that place of consciousness that deems it necessary to hear my word because you have risen to a level of consciousness that can attune with our bands of angels. They have surrounded many places of worship and have brought their momentum of victory, but they cannot impart that flame to without your consent. Therefore, take a moment now to consent to their entering your forcefield and imparting their victory flame to you. (Calls.)

Angels Come for the Victory
We now have possible places and platforms for us to begin to intercede on mankind's behalf. These bands of angels have longed to enter the fray but have not been welcomed because there has been that lack of understanding on mankind's part that this battle is ongoing. Thus, ask your Higher Selves what it is that you might do with us and these angels to help bring to earth many a victory for this planet in this dark hour. She is in travail because she is burdened by the momentum of the fallen ones and their plots and conspiracies to bring about their destruction momentums heedless of how they are destroying life. They will not stop. But you have the power of the judgment of these fallen angels with the calls that we have brought to you in the past.

Manifesting Goals
We go on now to an issue that needs to be addressed in regards to this mission and what you can accomplish together. As we have taught this Messenger in how to achieve goals knowing where you are going and how you will get there is important to manifesting a goal. Having a goal, such as this organization, requires goal setting. What is it you would like to accomplish and how will you do so? If you take the time to get together regularly to discuss where you want to go, we will be there to guide you and to direct you with your goals, and in this case, with this mission. When you have accomplished a certain task, look ahead for the next objective you have before you and direct your energies towards fulfilling that goal. You will in this way see a swift progression towards the fulfillment of your goals and with this Mission.

Strive to always be victorious in your goals and holding a positive attitude no matter what appears to stand in the way of them. You will understand this outer process that you already know in your heart because the I AM you are knows the way to More. Hearken to these words and you will see that the right way will appear for each step for yourselves and for this Mission.


The time has come for you to fulfill that purpose you came on earth to do. I AM come with Zarathustra to remind you in your outer awareness that I AM here and you need to accomplish the work you came in this world to do. I AM that which you believe you are. Do you see that I am only as powerful as you believe you are? I AM all of God and that is your reality as well. You are in time and space, but that need not hinder your Being that I AM. You can Be More.

While you are in the earth you have known separation from that which you are and I AM. You are behind the veil of maya, but that does not mean you cannot know me. You have to work hard to know I am there with you, but that should not deter you from doing so. Seek me first in everything you do, and when you say, "I am this or that", remember, you are stating you are that something—and doing so in God's name. Thus make your statements a statement of light where you can manifest all that I AM where you are. Do not affirm you are anything negative, only affirm the positive, and when you need me, call to me with a short call saying, "Mighty I AM, take command of this" and then I will. But you must make the call for it is your world and your life and you are here to prove to God that you love Him over everything in this world, including your own self.

Let your words be words of God and see what a difference you can make in Being who you are.



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