Mighty Victory

The Maxin Light Anchored in New York

June 16, 2003

Victory I AM! I AM come to you with the flame of Victory to bring the establishment of the Light of the Great White Brotherhood on earth through this Messenger and her mission of Shangra-la established in New York.

In a prior golden age the Victory flame was anchored in this land, which was then a part of Atlantis, where there burned a mighty focus of Light called the Maxin Light. That flame and focus burned for 5,000 years until it was withdrawn just before the final destruction of Poseidon. Today a focus of this same Maxin Light is being placed in the etheric above this mission. Its purpose will be for the creation of a focus of light of Victory.

We are grateful to have this opportunity to place this focus here so that the earth will once again be receiving this flame of Being from Spirit to Matter and the souls of Light may have a focus to assist in their Being I AM.

This will also be a focus for the Great White Brotherhood to release the judgment upon the enemies of Victory. We release this judgment for there are many enemies of Being and unless the earth is cleared of these avowed enemies of God the victory will be hard won and hard to keep.

I, Victory, come with a vision of Shangra-la and where the mission is going in the future with the hope there will be hearts receptive to the light. I see an awareness in the light that there is more, but not necessarily how to get to being more. This mission will establish the way to more. It will do so by the Messenger's living example and by the teachings she will release through it.

You have been given a glimpse of what we can do through this mission for the rebuilding of the way to more and with the etheric light that has been placed as a focus for Victory. When we determined that this placement of the Maxin Light above the Shangra-la Mission would be given, we gave the message to the enemies of Victory that there would reach a point of darkness where this misuse of their prior attainment—and once great light—would be judged in the physical. So it has begun.

You also have a divine purpose and that is to earn your ascensions. There are many steps that need to be fulfilled to meet the requirements for your ascension. Some of those steps have the requirement to balance your threefold flame, your four lower bodies and your karma. There is also the requirement to fulfill your divine plan. Part of the fulfillment of your divine plan is that the lower self merges back with the Higher Self while still wearing a physical body.

Once you have oneness and the victory in Being I AM you need to Be I AM and more. The lower self is still you but without the human elements of survival needs and selfishness taking precedence over your Being. Once the human elements are no more you are free to Be.  Yet Being is not easy because you will begin to receive the negative energies of the enemies of Being with their hatred. Then the time for giving calls for your right to remain in oneness with the Higher Self will begin.

When that day of victory arrives you will be of great service for the light and for those still trapped in the consciousness of the lower self, as you clear the way for others to follow the I AM.

I AM Victory in the earth. we would like to see you be victory in the earth as well. Consider you have the right to Be you, and let go of the need to be anything but who you are in I AM. Contemplate these words and pray that the Light is victorious in the earth.

I AM Victory in the Light and so may you be!


*Jesus ignited the Maxin Light, the unfed flame, on Atlantis that burned in the temple of Incal (God) on Atlantis. According to Phylos the Thibetan, in "A Dweller on Two Planets", the flame was three times the height of a man, and it burned for 5,000 years when it became extinguished and the sinking of the island occurred in what became known throughout the world as the flood of Noah.



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