Mighty Victory

Being the Victory for the Golden Age

June 15, 2003

I have come bringing a message of peace. It is a peace that passeth all understanding, and a peace that you have not known for a long time. Thus, God-Peace I bring unto you. Peace that I AM in Victory! Victory is my name because I have accomplished the impossible in my life. I have gone out into the world and come back victorious and so can you. All you need to do is believe that you can and you will.

Therefore ponder for a moment what it is that is keeping you from your victory. Is it your thoughts? Is it what you believe or don't believe? Is it that which you have held onto for lifetimes in your belief that you are not Gods? Could you accept the concept that I am here because I won the victory over my unreality and carnal mind? There is no other way. It takes diligent work to overcome the aspects of the human self that will allow you your victory. I personally know the challenge you face; I know the temptations of the Liar and lie of the carnal mind and the carnal mind of others. But I can tell you it can be overcome because I AM here.

Ponder Your Mission
Strive for your victory of the ascension, but first strive for winning many victories in Being. Thus ponder what your personal gift is that you bring and seek to accomplish being that gift, as the window of opportunity is now. What I mean in having this window and opportunity now is that God has given certain cycles in time and space for Being. Therefore work while you have the light and move swiftly in the light to stay in the momentum that it carries.

Therefore, ponder what you can do for God that is unique to you that will bring you your victory for the Golden Age as well as your own ascension in the Light. Thus I suggest to you that you take the time to meditate on what you would like to see accomplished in your life and apply the unguent of the violet flame in the victory consciousness to obtain the victory over all opposition to your accomplishments. You need not go the way of trying to manifest that which is not reality for you. But obtain the true victory by tuning in to your Christ Self for the path and goal that you need to take. He will direct you swiftly to that goal if you ask him. I will be there to guide you as well if you but ask me to impart my victory flame in your life.

I AM Victory and I come to give to you a portion of my victory for the goal will benefit us all, even unto the end. Therefore, be victorious now, along with this Messenger in the Light who delivers you this message. She will show you the way you may contribute to the cause of Light and her mission.

I AM Victory! I seal you in the Light of Victory forever and ever if you accept it.


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