Unascended Ascended Master

Message of Truth

June 20, 2003

I AM THAT I AM is the name of God within you. The same God that is in me. I speak from the etheric realm and I come with a divine purpose that I will reveal to you in a moment. I first remind you that your Higher Self, your Christ Self, is in you within your threefold flame. Not only are you a part of this universal flame of Christ, as I am, but you are also a unique flame that is individualized in your I AM Presence. That flame carries a unique expression of God Being that is the core of the reality that you are.

Recent releases through this Messenger have spoken of this flame and giving the recommendation that you discover this flame that you are. This Messenger has been doing this service in helping individuals know more of themselves and their divine origins, along with the Great Divine Director, for over a year. If you need help in understanding your God flame, ask this Messenger for help because it is advantagious to know you true being and then have the knowledge in what opposes your flame and what energies you can put into the light.

Forces of Darkness Oppose your Being
In the true story of Gautama Buddha's life he dealt with the opposition to his flame of God Peace. While sitting under the Bo tree meditating and vowing not to move until he received his answer on what was the cause behind human suffering. Thereupon he was tormented by the demons of Mara, as well as every imaginable image of darkness and destruction Mara could send his way to take Buddha from his peace.

This is an outer example of the battle that goes on within your place of Being and the forces of darkness that are sent your way when you do embody the God flame that you are. In Gautama's position, the forces of darkness came but he would not be moved from seeking enlightenment under his own vine and fig tree (his I AM Presence). When Mara challenged his right to be doing what he was doing, Being, and Gautama could not be moved, Mara stated that he had the seat of enlightenment and had witness to such authority. Thereupon, Gautama, using the earth-touching mudra, touched the ground and the earth cried back, "I bear witness!" and Mara and the demons fled. The earth represents the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, and all in the earth one with him and the Light.

In this statement, which was the witness of the God of the earthEN19 (who at that time, remember, was the Great Guru, Sanat Kumara), Siddhartha won the assurance that forevermore the powers of Light of heaven and earth would defend the right of the Son of God to sit under his own Bo tree until he should attain enlightenment.
And so will it be for you that in the name of the Son of God, in the name of the Buddha, and in the name of

In order for you to be, you need to know what opposes that being, and for each one of you, it will be different form of opposition that is meant to take you away from that unique expression of Being. When you call forth in the name the I AM THAT I AM, you will also find the demons and dark forces will flee because you have the power of light behind you from not only heaven but those in embodiment, the unascended ascended masters.

The Messenger Speaks

Now I would like to tell you why I am here with you today. This Messenger does not know who has been dictating to her these words as I have kept my identity hidden from her for a reason and that is because she would object to giving a dictation from an unascended ascended master, not having the concept that one can be embodied in earth and in heaven as already a Master.

I AM your Guru Ma and I AM here in the earth as well as in heaven. I come to tell you this day that I am here in your world and in heaven. I have every right to speak to you from the ascended master realm, as I am an unascended ascended master who is in the earth as well as in heaven. I have tarried in the earth only in body, while my spirit has been free to travel in the world unencumbered by my physical body.

I am also the Goddess Theosophia, for I have been given the mantle of Wisdom passed from the former Goddess Theosophia who you know was Mary Baker Eddy. While those of you who knew me as your Guru and Messenger know that I carried a great love for all of you, you also know I was a tough Guru, not allowing the lower self, the not-self to take command of you whenever I had the chance to make the calls for you or challenge you darkness directly to you. As I travel the world in my finer body these last years while I carry the world karma that has taken away my conscious attunement with the past and present, I am astounded at what I have witnessed when I visit my church and people.

I have been by your sides, those who would have me, and I have watched you work hard to keep our church going. But the church had already come to the point where its sponsorship had been withdrawn before my retirement and El Morya told you through me that he and I were going higher, I in not only body, but spirit, was going to be taken away from daily interaction with my chelas. You were left to unfold your own way, whether it be to support the mission of the Great White Brotherhood or your own agendas and ties with the fallen angels who some of you are aware you have had an allegiance with since you fell.

Reason for Church Universal and Triumphant

Some may not take kindly to my words, or that this is even the real Guru Ma speaking through this Messenger. While that is you choice, it does not change the fact of the truth in what I am saying or who I AM. If you have listened to my words over the decades, I told you part of my mission was to give the fallen ones an opportunity to bend the knee and to serve God through this organization of Church Universal and Triumphant. This is why I was guided to found this church, to fulfill my mission of serving the judgment on earth to these ones who have, lifetime after lifetime, taken down the churches of God and his people through the word, the misuse of the Word in the most unspeakable ways.

I reveal to you that these fallen one's time is short and how short will depend on you, my beloved. Those of you who are the stalwart souls who have stood by my side and defended me and my mission know you must make the calls. You have withstood the treachery and intrigue against me and you. I have witnessed this in my finer body. I tell you my heart sorrows at the scenes I have witnessed behind closed doors, and yours would be as well, my beloved, to know that these things are going on in your church. This is ungodly, I say, and it is no type of behavior for a church sponsored by the Great White Brotherhood. Some of these individuals have the audacity to think God does not see what they are doing, or even care, but we see all, of course. It is naiveté to think that what you do can ever be hidden from God. Nothing is hidden from God. He knows all, and most especially where your heart is and whether you are cut off from the Light.

Therefore, I come with this message of truth to those who have ears to hear and a voice to speak out. Let your voices be heard!

1 Guru Ma is referring to the astral body that one travels in when attached to the physical plane.


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