Surya and Cuzco

Apply the Violet Flame to the Earth


June 17th, 2003

There is need on this planet for change, as many of you realize. This change can only come about through those who know the plan of God in their hearts. This plan is a universal plan and has not been changed for eons, except for slight alterations to adjust the free will of all who abide on the earth together and have made collective karma that must be dealt with.

Therefore, whereof I speak is this. Conditions on earth need to change as rightly designed in the divine plan of God. Your part in God's plan is to apply the violet flame to help hold the balance while this change is being brought about.

Implement Changes on the Earth
You have been told of great earth changes to come and you have thought that it would never happen because it has been delayed for a time. Yet earth is at the end of a major cycle and all that is unbalanced in that cycle has come due. It is time to implement positive changes on earth so that we can go about our business of implementing the great divine plan. For this planet it is time to bring in the Golden Age consciousness in the physical plane. In other words, the Golden Age consciousness has been lowered into the etheric, mental and emotional bodies of the planet and it is time for it to enter into the physical, but the physical is not ready because of the great burden in matter of the sin consciousness. That burden can be seen in ever increasing cataclysmic interchanges between elemental life and the physical plane.

From the etheric plane we see that without the violet flame there will be mass destruction as this etheric consciousness of the Golden Age is lowered into the physical plane of matter. Matter can only hold so much light without upheavals and when that light encounters the darkness that is prevailing in your world matter reacts, and sometimes in violent ways.

When I speak of darkness I speak of the energy field of the planet created by the free will of the people thereon. All the energies and consciousness of the lifestreams intermingle and form pockets of like-mindedness. In other words, there are places of great convergence of darkness around points of light and those places are the most vulnerable to the future changes on this planet.

Direct the Violet Flame into Pockets of Darkness

It is there in those pockets of darkness that the violet flame needs to be directed in order to hold the balance while dispensations of light are released into the physical plane. In order for the earth to sustain her balance she will need to right herself on her axis, as explained by Aires and Thor who are hierarchs of elementals on earth. Their role as hierarchs are to coordinate the actions of the elementals that relate to these pockets of darkness, and help to clear up the debris of the mass consciousness. The mass consciousness is mankind's effluvia of their misqualification of the light through their thoughts, actions and feelings towards one another and all life.

Without the balancing of these negative energies by righteousness or the use of the violet flame, whereby the darkness can thereby be consumed by the light, those pockets of darkness have to go somewhere. And that somewhere will be clouds of darkness that gather over the major cities of the world and where like attracts like as it gathers more unto itself. In other words, the mass consciousness draws unto itself more and more misqualifications of the light, "and if that light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!" (Matt. 6:23) If that Light that is given is turned into Darkness through the misuse of man's free will that darkness will be great wherever it gathers. Therefore, these pockets of darkness are so great on the earth that they make the whole earth unbalanced and have caused the tilting of the earth on its axis.

We see that this is so, but we cannot stop the amassing of this mass consciousness unless you intercede with your calls. We can only go where you direct us, as this is your planet and your home and your responsibility. But we are illuminating you to the cause of the problems in the earth body and the reason the planet is tilted on her axis. And as you have been told, this axis needs righting before the Golden Age consciousness can descend into the physical and they may happen simultaneously if the records are not cleared beforehand.1 And if the darkness is not cleared when this righting of the axis occurs, there will be mass destruction in order to bring about the equilibrium on the earth plane.

Therefore, the need of the hour is violet flame, as was stated, but also you need to know where to direct it. Look on your maps and study the places of great congregation of people and send the violet flame there through your third eye vision and your calls, and we will go there immediately and deal with this effluvia.

We Send Hope to the Elementals
We are the Masters on the earth. We are Surya and Cuzco, and it is our job to hold the balance from the inner planes and to direct the elemental kingdom from there. Along with this direction we send out beams of hope to these elementals that they can accomplish this righting without mass destruction. But they are so burdened, they know it is an impossibility without the violet flame, and therefore we send them the hope that you will give them what they need to prevent the major loss of life they foresee.

God bless them, and their work for you, and your home star. As you are the caretakers of the earth and they are the instruments of the Lord to manifest in the physical all that you are and can be, when that being is not the pure estate that God intended they have to outpicture your miscreations and this burdens them. Consider these words before you ever consider sending out any hate and hate creation again, as it is the elementals that must carry your miscreations.


1On April 8, 1973, Mighty Cosmos said: “The Lord God requires this day that the four lower bodies of the planet earth come into alignment and that the consciousness of Cosmos be made manifest north, south, east, and west for the rectifying of the poles and of the axis in physical manifestation. So the spiral is released, and so the manifestation shall be made plain at the hour and in the time of the Lord's appointing.” PoW Vol. 16 No. 22, Summit Lighthouse


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