Saint Germain

Your Destiny in God is Now!

June 21, 2003

Behold, the freedom flame! I, Saint Germain, come bearing that flame to you today, for I am called the God of Freedom for I carry that freedom flame to the earth. You think that I have forgotten you? You think that I would leave you to bring in the Golden Age alone? Nay, I say! I AM here and always have been. I walk by your sides and I tutor you from within. I give you the inspirations and the ideas behind the science and all that is necessary to prepare the way for the Golden Age.

Some of you feel my presence when I am with you and some of you not, because you do not tune into the flame of freedom. You know I will not stop looking for hearts to tune into my flame as I walk the earth hoping to find hearts receptive that I can impart to them more of my flame. Thus I AM here, I say! I AM here through you whose hearts are receptive so that together we may continue to set the platform to bring in the Golden Age and complete this task for the Great White Brotherhood and Almighty God.

Destiny that is Ordained by God
There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but is death to the soul. The freedoms that many of you have in your countries have come about in this age because there have been souls who have responded to the impulses and ideas from heaven and have brought forth the advancement in technology and sciences. Some of you who have been on the earth for decades can look back and remember the times when you did not have an internet or cell phones or two cars per family. You did not have every conceivable food packaged in the grocery stores and available year-round. Yet what has the majority of mankind done who have been granted the knowledge and freedom that these advancements have brought forth in societies?

Some have set their goals to acquire more, more for themselves and thus they take their freedom and they seek to acquire more wealth to obtain the more with little time left to pursue the things of God—or the desire to. Others pursue the spiritual side of life, but only in the context of fitting it in to their schedule of raising a family and earning a living, which they never seem to break free from not having the time to do much else.

Thereby many on earth are ruled by their destiny, the destiny set in motion from their past, that they are meant to rise above, and then learn to become more of God, more love and more of who they really are. There are some things ordained by God and some things left up to the free will of man. And the things that are left up to the free will of man where they create without love have no permanency in God. That which is ordained by God is your destiny and that destiny is for you to find your way back to your spiritual home and your God Reality.

God has destined that once you leave the heaven world and journey into time and space that you return back to His heart and return with more. The only way you can fail is if you turned from God and went the way of anti-Reality and willfully turned from Father and his will. The steps leading away from the Father's will are easy. The return is hard, and some refuse to take the extra effort to take the harder road back home. And it is only hard because the lower will chooses to not surrender its unreality because it wants its own will and reality lacking love for God. As long as you hold on to your love of God and strive for union with God Love you will fulfill your destiny to return back to God.

You see the importance of love. Without love you cannot find your way back home, or have the desire to. God is Love and your destiny is to be that love and with that love return home with more. And when you are God Love and More than you will also be one with God, even in your mortal bodies. Thus why wait until you are in heaven to be that which you are, God Beings. Be God in embodiment and that is your calling, to know that, to be that, to understand that. Would you not want to be all that you are while you are here?

I have called you to pick up your torches and the Goddess of Liberty has asked you to run with them to be the wayshowers to the Golden Age consciousness. Now is the time! There is no other time but in the Now. We, the ascended hosts, have waited and longed to see your victories and the many return home from whence they came.

Thus attune in your hearts to this moment in time and what it is you have come into the earth to do, to accomplish in the light and do not lose this opportunity for God, for man and for yourselves to make haste to come back to the center of Being so that you can fulfill your destinies. This is the time to bring in the Golden Age and some of you may realize this is your destiny.


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