Ascended Master Serapis Bey

Love Is the Key!

June 17, 2003

I AM THAT I AM bringing the light. I AM your Serapis Bey and I come bearing my fruits of the labor of love that I have manifested through the Summit Lighthouse.

It was our desire to see that organization fulfill its mission of bringing forth the fruits of our words of love to all on earth who had the ears to hear. Yet it was not a success in all ways as there was much opposition to the release of light we brought. In joy we came with our hearts filled with the desire to serve mankind and to bring them hope for their personal victory in the light. I AM the chohan of the Fourth Ray and I serve God's will with the fire of love in the purity of Mother.

Although we brought this love of Mother we did not see the fruits manifest but in a few, and that was because there were not enough receptive ears in the community of light that we established in Montana and elsewhere. We established those communities based on love and service and although we saw service we did not see service based on love. Generally, the community suffered much in being love.

While there had always been a measure of in-fighting with establishing hierarchy for those who served closest to the Messenger, after our Messenger's withdrawal, and the President she appointed resigned,1 those who had the most power appointed themselves as the new leaders. There began much opposition to the release of light that we, the Ascended Masters, brought through this labor of love. There were conflicts among those who served in the inner community with those who served in the outer community, as well as the venting of anger against the Church and community from former members and others. Where were the fruits of love that we established throughout the teachings we had released for forty years?

Many souls contributed their lives to support the Ascended Masters through the Summit Lighthouse. It was a labor of love for many, yet there were those who had not that commitment to the Light as their reason for serving at the headquarters in Montana. Some came for the Light and the power they witnessed that the Light carried. Consequently, the organization was fraught with difficulties from the power struggles that ensued everywhere these individuals served.

Staying in Peace
We are desirous to see a community of light on earth based on love and service. Thus we have asked this Messenger to do this for us, and we have asked that this organization be based on peace. Peace which passeth all understanding really means being in the heart of God because that is where true peace is. Therefore we have worked with this Messenger teaching her how to always be in that center of peace through any outer circumstances. This she has sought to do and sometimes with much difficulty. Not for want of trying, but because the opposition to peace is so great that to stay in God Peace for long takes vigilance and determination. It was not for the lack of building a forcefield of light around her, as she faithfully did that everyday.

The forces of darkness have used everyone and everything around her to oppose this peace because of the importance of her love and service that she was to perform through the Shangra-la Mission. The enemies of God Peace know the power of Mother through one who maintains peace and the importance of establishing this platform of love and service that she has volunteered to do through the Shangra-la Mission. She has prevailed through each initiation and opposition to her mission and lifestream, and because she has prevailed, she is here giving this dictation through this organization's founding based on peace in the heart.

Peace Movement

We ask you to consider giving support to this peace movement based on love and service for God. We are putting our hopes into this organization that it can rise to the level of divine love to bring to earth true peace, and because this organization is founded on love and peace and its motto is: Love is the key! Would you like to be part of a movement based on love and sponsored by the Great White Brotherhood?

We can no longer work in a community that is not based on love or peace. Consquently, we have withdrawn our sponsorship of Church Universal and Triumphant in giving further releases of light there, as we do not want to see any more misqualification of the light through hate and bickering that has been ongoing for many years in the community.

This does not mean that we have dropped this dispensation of Light in Church Universal and Triumphant, but it does mean that we will no longer give our light to this organization to have it misused and bear us rotten fruit instead of the good fruits that we expect to receive back from labors of love.

We look to the Summit Lighthouse to continue printing and publishing the Word that has been received through the Messengers, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, that has not been published as yet. And we would like to see the teachings go out freely as much as possible to mankind so that everyone has an opportunity to partake of the good fruits of this organization.

We request those in charge of the teachings to continue to release the unpublished teachings and help restore the fruits that have been rotting on the vine because of want of love. You may implore the Brotherhood for further releases of light in your organization once these teachings have been published and we will see what we can do for you then.


1In 1988 El Morya was "benched" from any new world service because his chelas had misappropriated or unappropriated previous dispensations of his. He was "unbenched" in 1989 after the Messenger and chelas balanced that karma. Still later in 1997 El Morya announced to Elizabeth Clare Prophet that he was withdrawing his mantle of support of the Summit Lighthouse and that he and Elizabeth were moving higher in service, requiring Elizabeth to hire a new President, Gilbert Cleirbaut to decentralize the organization and considerably reduce the staff to a few hundred individuals, which at that time was well over 500. El Morya was henceforth only sponsoring individuals on their merit as the Church Board, without the Messenger's approval, decided to change the codes of conduct for Keepers of the Flame. Under Gilbert's management the conflict and rivalry grew as individuals who had given their life to the Church suddenly had their positions eliminated (or the imminent threat was there) and they were thrust out into the world with no jobs or supply to maintain themselves. Although the process was difficult for everyone, the organization needed to be culled of departments and individuals who were not contributing to the overall viability of the organization. In the process, Gilbert received a lot of criticism and condemnation from many on staff as he was the instrument bringing change to the Church. By 1999, and with the retirement of the Messenger, he quietly withdrew his leadership under the pressure of the Church Board to resign so the powers that be could take back control of the Light, power and land holdings of the Church.

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