Sanat Kumara

Let There Be Light!

June 22, 2003

I AM Sanat Kumara and I come bearing the banner of truth. The Presence of Truth has always been here in the earth in those who have espoused to the Light. As these angels came to you bringing their honor and integrity if you call to them they will bring this planet to a new Christ Reality in the meaning of, "Let there be Light!" You will see unprecedented changes upon the planet once this work has been done in the release of light.

The divine blueprint was that you become the Light that you are meant by the Creator to embody after going forth in creation. Then came the darkness and the fallen angels into Matter, after rebelling against God's will, and the children of God were no longer becoming the fullness of the Light of I AM THAT I AM. They became trapped in the darkness without hope because they had lost the Mother within and without.

When the earth took on the fallen angels and other rebellious evolutions, the children of God lost their ability to ascend. They could no longer hold on to their light, as they succumbed to the fallen ways and misused that which they had been given, although originally in ignorance eventually they willfully choosing to squander their light.

You see the light is the key to oneness with Reality. Without light there is no reality. Conversely, that which is light is Reality. Each morsel of truth given is the opportunity to eat of the bread of life and internalize the truth—and thus the light. Yet if the truth is rejected likewise has the light been rejected.

You realize that throughout the ages the Great White Brotherhood has sent bearers of truth to the earth to witness to the Reality of God. Many times those sent to bring enlightenment were rejected, maligned and murdered as the powers that be knew the truth they carried and deliberately destroyed the vehicle that brought that truth.

So once again we have brought forth a Messenger who bears witness to the truth and without even giving her a chance to witness to the truth, she has been rejected. As always the case, when the one sent is spurned there are consequences. The one sent then becomes the judgment. We, of the Great White Brotherhood, know this and always take this as part of the contingency, sometimes sending one into the earth who appears without any credentials, so to speak, bearing only the Light of Truth. The purpose: to separate the tares from the wheat.

As long as the tares remain hid amongst the wheat, and those of the wheat accept them as one of their own, even raising them up to be their leaders and the representatives of the highest truth, the harvest can never be pure. Without purity the Divine Mother cannot be for she is God Purity. Without Mother there is no Victory. The spirals of the ascension flame only carry Victory and Victory is the celebration of oneness with the Light. Light is the Mother in the world of form. With the rejection of the Mother there is no birth of the Christ Child. Without the Christ potential there is the loss to Be in the world one with the Father. Without the Father there is no God-Power and no victories.

There is an interconnectedness of Spirit with Matter that permeates all life. Leaving out just one aspect of Spirit and there are no victories, no ascension, no oneness with Reality or the Light.

This is the day and the hour where we are separating out the tares from the wheat so that the truth may prevail. Will you identify yourself with the tares or the wheat? You have the choice because God has given you free will, but he will not wait forever for you to choose or allow the continuing of the darkness and the misuse of the light that is the creative power in the world of form. There are cycles and when a cycle is complete, there is the ending of that which was of unreality and all returns to the heart of God. The fire of God is the plumb line. That which does not align with the fire of God through free will is consumed by that fire. That which is in oneness with the fire returns to the heart of God as More.



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