Elohim Peace and Aloha

Inaugural Address of the Shangra-la Mission

June 15, 2003

I AM come to inaugurate this Shangra-la Mission for the God Victory of peace on earth.1 Peace will not come through mankind alone. It will be a concerted effort by us as well as with yourselves.

I AM the Elohim of Peace, along with Aloha, and we have come to convey to this Messenger our peace as the foundation for this organization. We also bring the sword of Truth for the peace of this mission is the judgment of God upon that anti-truth. Truth will be the foundation of this organization, as we together release teachings as they have never been heard before. They will be heard on the highways, and byways through the earth and those who are meant to hear them there will be no ignoring it. For I have come to tell you that we will not leave this earth comfortless.

We will prevail through you who come to take up the sword of Truth and relay it to the world. You will be the forerunners of the golden age. You will have this sword of Truth so you will not to be afraid to love truth and defend it. You and your children and your children's children need the truth of the Christ. Contemplate establishing Christ Truth wherever you are. Then you will have established the foundation for more truths to come forth.

Your support of the Shangra-la Mission is in Being who you are. Yet when one is Being there will also be the opposition to that Being. While learning to Be, souls need protection from the dark forces. Lives of many souls in prior ages have been taken out of embodiment by the forces of anti-Being for their Being. Yet these souls are here and waiting to try again into embodiment. They have been ready for this for a long time. Yet there must be a certain state of consciousness on the planet that is at the level of being able to not only discern truth, but have access to the truth.

Legions for Judgment
The way must be prepared for these souls so they may speak out the truth without risk of losing their lives, as they have experienced in past lives. There must be a clearing of this planet of those dark ones who have worked against the light for ages. We have sent legions of light to start this action, and they are ready and able and await your calls, but they cannot enter the fray without your permission.

Thus do not forget in your daily calls and prayers to call to the angelic hosts who are waiting in the wings to do the work of the Lord in the binding and judgment of these fallen ones who are amidst you now and have been for eons. These angels can mightily assist you in clearing this planet of the darkness opposing the light and to help ready it for the preparation of the golden age consciousness, which these souls will bring.

These angels have one purpose, and one purpose alone, and that is for the judgment. "For judgment, I AM come!" has been and is the byword of the Piscean Age stated by our Lord Jesus Christ upon his coming 2,000 years ago. 2 Now we will complete this cycle of judgment is this day and hour. Remember you can call to them daily. It would be a great blessing to these souls and for this planet to make it your calling to assist in the raising up of the light on this planet.

Look to this Messenger for the outreach work in contacting the souls of Light who at inner and outer levels know their calling and have been prepared before embodiment to complete their missions. These souls are ready and there awaiting the message you bring: God-Peace. And that peace will be brought through your hearts and your oneness with Almighty God that you have accepted in your innermost being. Therefore, look to this Messenger for the teachings she will bring to you on this oneness you must earn and be with God, your Father in Heaven.

1 The Shangra-la Mission was established January 10, 2003 under the direction of beloved Alpha, as a non-profit organization to bring peace to the world through understanding and education that "Love is the Key." Love being the commonality of all the worlds major religions, as well as science and philosophy. Alpha stated in January, 2003 referring to the Shangra-la Mission: It is now an opportune time to reflect on the past and on how you may contribute to my mission of light of establishing a teaching center for peace. This center of light is a place of the highest teachings on the planet of religion, science and philosophy. Together, they will bring the best understanding to man in incorporating love as the common theme. With love as the central core of all major religions, we may rise upward through love to find peace. As one finds peace and then another and another, this peace will multiply exponentially across the planet. It takes but "One" - as one is the number of God. Therefore, as the one becomes the one plus one, then one plus two and the one plus three, the three will multiply into the millions of one who embody the one. This is a mystery that I give you. Contemplate how you can give to the one.

2 John 9:39.

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