Beloved Lord Maitreya

The Shangra-la Mission for the New Release of the Word

June 16, 2003

I AM come in the Light through this Messenger to bring you a message through my heart to your own. Some of you have wondered if we would leave you comfortless while the Messenger of the Summit Lighthouse is now retired*. We have prepared the way for a long time to have this mission and Messenger fulfill this position of emissary of light, long before the Messenger's retirement.

Summit Lighthouse based on Principles of Integrity
Those students of the Summit Lighthouse have been left wondering what is heaven's next step. We have been carefully observing each one as they go through these initiations and testing of the soul upon learning their messenger was leaving them without a spiritual leader. Many have thought they would just leave the organization, and thus many have left. The Summit Lighthouse was founded on the principles of integrity and although there has been compromise in the recent past to that integrity, it is still a viable organization that has much to give the world in the teachings already released through the Messengers, Mark and Elizabeth. Yet I will say that the compromise has done much to dissolve the Light released through this organization in the past, and compromised the work of the Great White Brotherhood.

Mantle of Messenger
Who would I speak through from the prior dispensation if there was no one prepared to deliver the Word? This is not a light undertaking, to deliver the Word of the Great White Brotherhood. This is a role and responsibility that carries much import and requires much training. Therefore, who can deliver the Word in the Summit Lighthouse today? Who in that organization has been trained to take up the Mantle of the Messenger that Elizabeth Clare Prophet carried?

There were some who were groomed for becoming Messengers, but in the end they did not want the job. It was their choice, but in truth, it was not God's will. Just because a person is being trained for a leadership position does not mean that it was ordained that they take that position. It is only the responsibility of the Great White Brotherhood—and of their choosing in who would be a spokesman for them, if there was any. You see that the role of Messenger has only been recent direction of the Brotherhood. Although Elizabeth Clare Prophet was trained by her husband, Mark, (and Saint Germain) her training did not begin in this lifetime, and she was contacted by El Morya, who appeared before her, telling her that he had need of a Messenger, and she was it.

This is a great responsibility, as I have said, and requires lifetimes of training, which the one who carries this mantle now, this Messenger, has been prepared for this responsibility and has passed the many initiations given to her. Thus this mantle of Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood has been passed to her to hold while she is in embodiment, until we further direct someone else to take up that mantle.

This Messenger had been directed by the Great Divine Director in 2002 to communicate on the inner with Elizabeth in order to thank her for her many years of service and assistant in her training. The purpose was to pass on that mantle, unbeknownst to either of them. Elizabeth exclaimed to this Messenger, "You are zealous!" This Messenger at the time thought it was meant in a derogatory way, but we later showed her it was a positive affirmation of who she really is, a chela devoted to the Light and Truth and very determined to do God's will regardless of any inconvenience to her person.

Word Delivery through the Summit Lighthouse
What you need to understand in regards to the Summit Lighthouse, is that the Teachings carry the delivery of the Word through those Messengers over a span of forty years. Those teachings and the Word through them needs to be freely given to all.

In the past students could attend conferences, Summit University and purchase audio tapes of dictations and conferences, as a means to further their understanding of the Path. Since the Guru's retirement, the need for putting a price on the Teachings is not necessary as it was in the days when the Messenger was constantly under energies from all manner of opposition to the delivery of the Word and the truth that the Masters brought as well as the Guru taught. Today, there is no longer that opposition as the Word is already delivered. It is the role of the organization to get these Teachings out in the most responsible manner for all, while not denying souls access to them for want of money.

Yet today the Summit Lighthouse leadership continue to withhold much of the Teachings with the intent on making a profit. While the organization was needing to pay for the publishing expenses and the large staff to run the Church in its day, that is not necessary today, while they still have a large amount of land owned by the Church and less supply needed without a large staff to run the many functions of a large organization. The prime responsibility of the Summit Lighthouse today is to deliver the Teachings from the past. It is the Word that carries the Light to transform an individual into the Christed Being which they are, and it is the Word that is delivered from the Great White Brotherhood that carries the Light.

The Word is the instrument of the Great White Brotherhood for the transformation of this world. If the Word is withheld how can we continue to make great progress with the transformation of this world? With the compromise of the Word and its delivery, we cannot continue to support the Messenger in embodiment. And I speak thereof of Elizabeth, as she is remaining in embodiment holding the balance for those still in embodiment. If those lifestreams she is holding the balance for are misusing the Light in the Word, she may not continue to do so.  This I speak from the heart of God and His mandate. Lest anyone think that He does not see what is going on, let them think again.

I look forward to a long and victorious time together through this Messenger and her organization, the Shangra-la Mission. This will be the instrument the Brotherhood will use from now on. Heed my words. I AM Maitreya and I will stay with the earth and her people for the victory of the coming Golden Age, here below as Above. It is the goal, it is the reason for being. Be all that you are. I cannot say this enough times. Go Be!

I AM Maitreya, one in the love of God I AM THAT I AM.


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