Mother Mary

Attune With Your Christ Self

June 18, 2003

I am come to you this day to bring you a message of peace and love and I follow in the footsteps of beloved Serapis Bey and Lord Lanto with this message from our hearts to yours.

It is this message and this message alone that I want you to understand from my heart, as well as from the heart of God your Father in heaven. It is that you have a friend in the light that is within your heart and that friend is your Holy Christ Self. If you know and believe this to be true, then you will take up the calling you have been asked to do.

High and Holy Calling to Commune with Christ Self Daily

You know that your heart is a place of peace you can withdraw to in times of turmoil, but did you know that your heart is also a place you should go to daily for communion with your Christ Self who resides there at your altar tending your threefold flame? He waits for your coming even if you have never gone there before. Yet I tell you if you would take a peek inside your heart today, you will see not only your Christ Self by the Beings of Light that you are who awaits you, your I AM Presence.

Your Christ Self is your way to the I AM Presence. He would like to share with you this knowledge of how you can be that which you are in I AM. Yet if you do not go there daily you will not receive his knowledge and wisdom, which he bring on wings of love through your heart.

Ponder the fact that you may have been neglecting this high and holy calling to commune with your Christ Self. If you had but one thing you that you could do to help you raise your consciousness I would recommend that this is it. The reason I say that is because without this communion with your Christ Self, you know not the way to go. Your Christ Self will direct you in your plans for not only your daily activities but the activities of Light that are to be accomplished through you and you alone.

If you had to choose between studying the teachings and this daily communion, your communion and attunement with your Christ Self would come first. Why is this communion more important than even your spiritual studies? Because you can study and pray but if you do not know what to pray for or how to study effectively than your time will have little positive return. I am not recommending you do one over the other, both are important part for your spiritual growth. Yet I am emphasizing the importance of your inner Guru and how much he can help you.

How You Obtain Your Victory in The Light
Contemplate meditating for at least five minutes daily with your Christ Self before giving your decrees or your prayer work, and meditating on your threefold flame centered within your heart. Then ask your Christ Self what it is you need to do that day. Ask him what you can surrender of the lower self and he will work with you to give you your victory in the Light. But you must do the ritual to reach him, because the daily interference of the world will take you from that oneness unless you establish a ritual to commune with him daily. On this foundation he may intercede at any moment of the day and reach you in your thoughts and feelings and you will recognize that it is he even above the din of the world's noises.

I AM Mother Mary and I bring you this message as a way to true peace. Follow your heart's love and you will know the peace of Christ.


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