Beloved Lotus with Godfre


Dispensations of the Great White Brotherhood

June 19, 2003

I AM the Lady Master Lotus, and out of the flame of I AM I come with Ascended Master Godfre. You know me from the Ascended Master activity that beloved Godfre and I formed in the 1930's under the direction of Saint Germain.

We were asked to start a mission of Light, as you have been asked to start this mission on top of the previous organization of the Summit Lighthouse. We also built upon a previous organization, the Theosophical Society. We were God-directed by Saint Germain, and Godfre trusted that this was God's will to start our new organization, the "I AM" Activity.

Teachings of the "I AM" Activity

We established the organization based on truth of the I AM. We brought to humanity the teachings of the "I AM", which were completely new to the Theosophical Society's students. This was the purpose of the organization, to bring this new concept and idea that had never been brought before. No one on earth had the teachings of the "I AM" and we were further given the teachings on the violet flame. This was not known at the time we started the organization, as we had to start first and rely on faith to find out what the Master Saint Germain would bring mankind. Godfre was determined to do God's will and bring this organization into the physical. 

It took great trust on our part and the part of the new students to believe that this was an activity of the Ascended Masters, yet we prevailed and became a thriving organization until the passing of Godfre and the lawsuits began. One might think that because a group is sponsored by an Ascended Master that you are protected from the evil in the world. Such is not the case, as part of a sponsored organizations role is to give people the opportunity to express their propensity either for the Light or against it. The messengers are well trained to stay in alignment with God's will, although they are tested as much and even more so than students on the Way. Consequently there is room for free will choices that allow an organization to develop a certain characteristic in alignment with the sponsoring Master and the sponsored messenger.

Upon Godfre's passing we began to experience those who hate the Light. Before Godfre's passing they were there at public events to "investigate" us and this new "I AM", eventually leading Godfre to require membership to attend those events. After his passing the challenges to the I AM Activity increased, whereby being able to distribute the Teachings was opposed and the Teachings went on trial.

This did not have to come about, but it was the will of God that we take the judgment and crucifixion of our organization in order that the way would be prepared for having the right to religious freedom and the use of public agencies that other parts of society use.

You see, in this way we prepare the way for each other. One organization meets certain energies and opposition and as those challenges are faced and overcome the next activity builds upon the positive momentums and gains further victories for the light. What appears as victories may not be apparent to the average person, as heaven sees what goes on at all levels of an organization and what energies are being processed and overcome to make each subsequent organization stronger and able to do more for the light.

Sponsorship of the Great White Brotherhood
For those who have an understanding on the difficulties of beginning an organization we offer the wisdom of our observations from Spirit and from our experience in the physical. It is the responsibility of those who run an organization that is sponsored by the Great White Brotherhood to uphold the standards of the cosmic honor flame and to give that organization the best they can.

We see that the sponsorship of some organizations has been lost, such as Church Universal and Triumphant's although it was not the karma of the Messenger. It was the individual chelas who were responsible for that loss because they continually  misused the light of their sponsor, El Morya, by misusing power. Although the Messenger was faulted by those who do not understand this responsibility because she disciplined and corrected her chelas. But alas, to no avail for many, they continued their abuses of power.

We see again another sponsorship in this organization of the Shangra-la Mission with the sponsorship by not just one Master but the Great White Brotherhood. The reason for this will become evident in the future. There was no hope to continue with the prior activity of the Summit Lighthouse, yet this organization remains a means to continue to release the Light and Truth already given for souls to have the ability to come into oneness with their I AM Presence.

Further Teachings Needed
If you believe that there is nothing new on earth you need to know to reach your ascension, and that you have received all the teachings you need I stand before you and say that is not so! There is much further teachings that are to come in order to help souls fulfill their missions that must be accomplished before the Golden Age may appear.

When contemplating if you need to follow another Messenger and organization, consider what we brought forth to the world that was unknown in that day, as the violet flame and the teachings of the I AM. Although we did not know that this was to be so, it did not matter, for we did what we were directed to do and what followed was this great dispensation of Light.

This could be the same requirement of faith not knowing what it is that God has in store for you or this organization of Shangra-la. Yet I will reveal that I foresee much accomplishment for the light through this mission whether you are a part of it or not. It will grow because God wills it so and the Great White Brotherhood are bringing their light. And the Brotherhood will provide the Light to assist the goal of heaven to fulfill God's will.

I AM Lotus, here with Godfre. He does not speak to you today because he is giving you support in another way and that way is through his great love of America, and I witness also to his support of the I AM Race embodied in America today. His love is so great that he cannot speak without tears in his eyes that there are those who would think to let Saint Germain down and his future work through this new mission towards the goal of bringing in the Golden Age. Contemplate what we have said herein, and consider the truth of these words for I do speak the truth through this Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood and for Almighty God.

God bless you and I seal you in the Light of Victory.


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