Lord Lanto and Confucius

Why The Dispensation of Shangra-la


June 18, 2003

I come to you in the heart of the Mother this day, following beloved Serapis' dictation, to allow you the opportunity to understand this dispensation further, the dispensation of the Shangra-la Mission.

You might wonder why we have chosen to start another organization. You have received that we have ended our sponsorship of the Summit Lighthouse, and you may wonder how we can do such a thing to this organization of Light, yet is it the truth.1 This sponsorship was ended because the chelas in this organization had not fulfilled the Law, the Law of Love, and thus we had no choice but to go elsewhere to fulfill our mission, which does continue on in this age. Their Messenger was withdrawn and we have moved on to the next step.2 There is much to do to prepare the way for Saint Germain and the Golden Age consciousness and therefore we have to have a those in embodiment who will draw together in love and to help bring in the new age.

I AM Lanto, with Confucius, who has much knowledge to pass on to the world. Where are the vehicles for that in the Summit Lighthouse or Church Universal and Triumphant since they no longer want a Messenger since our removal of the only one they had? There are none. So we look for a way to again build another organization that can withstand the onslaught of the opposition to its being. For you see there was opposition to the Summit Lighthouse, to the Church Universal and Triumphant, as you well know. But when the ranks within turn against each other, where do we have a vehicle to transfer the Word? We cannot work with individuals who are misqualifying the light for where can we find the holding of the light then in the body temple? Where can we find the cosmic honor flame? If we cannot find it in the organization we created, we will rebuild an organization who espouses the cosmic honor flame.

So we seek to start over again and to call you home, those who have left the organization and have a calling to serve the Light. We need you. We have much to do to bring in the Golden Age consciousness on earth and we would like to see you be a part of it and serve with us in the Light.

We would like to see the Christed ones gather together on earth in one place in consciousness. It does not have to be one physical place, although we will have a physical outpost in New York with this mission. We are calling you to gather together as one body of Light to serve the Brotherhood and mankind and to fulfill your missions which the Great Divine Director has offered to show you in your hearts.3 Take up his offer and allow him the opportunity to intercede on your behalf before the Karmic Board, so that he may get you grants and dispensations to fulfill your missions of Light. This he will do because he loves you and desires to see his twin flame complete her mission, as this is his mission on earth as well.

Consider Your Mission - What You Have Come to Earth to Do
The Great Divine Director has worked long and hard with Saint Germain to prepare mankind's consciousness for this day and age. He needs your support and the support of his beloved twin flame. Will you not help him with his cause after all he has done for you and mankind? This is a calling only you can fulfill, this is not to do with the Summit Lighthouse. You have been called to do your mission that you have been trained for at inner and outer levels, some for lifetimes. This is no small calling. This is your divine plan we are talking about. Lifestreams have been prepared for their missions, but you have been prepared through the Summit Lighthouse for the fulfillment of your divine plane, which is unique to you. Therefore you need to consider what you have come to earth for and what it is you are prepared to do.


1El Morya sponsored the Summit Lighthouse through Mark Prophet in 1958. In 1997, El Morya withdrew that sponsorship stating that he and the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, were going higher, and henceforth all would not warrant the Masters intercession as a whole and body of the organization outside of the individual merit of each chela. Mother Elizabeth retired in 1999, it is said because she was diagnozed with Alzheimer disease. El Morya said:

"I, El Morya Khan, Chief of the Darjeeling Council, hereby announce the removal of the thread that originates from my mantle to the heart of the messenger to your hearts for the holding of the balance of your lifestreams. The dispensation of this thread, which is a thread of protection, was made possible because of the codes of conduct established and sponsored by me in the past. Your merit for intercession will now be based upon your own decree momentum, your devotion to your God Presence and your service to mankind." Read by Elizabeth Clare Prophet at a staff meeting on May 13, 1997. 

2Elizabth Clare Prophet was diagnosed with Alzheimer disease and retired in 1999. She had no personal karma warranting this disease, and had taken good care of her body temple her entire life. This leaves the conclusion that it was God's divine plan that in the contingency of the students not living up to the potential of what great light was released during this dispensation that the dispensation would end. Having the Guru stay in embodiment, but consciously unaware of her past, she could continue to hold the balance for much that was going on in the world. The Shangra-la Mission was founded three years after her retirement and had its mission to allow the release of Kim Michael's false teachings and to bring about the judgment of this fallen state of consciousness. Update: Elizabeth remained in embodiment for ten years after her retirement, passing on a few months after the dispensation of Shangra-la was coming to a close due to the masculine messenger leaving the mission and his wife for another woman and continuing on with false teachings.

3See Great Divine Director, "Help Establish Platform for the Golden Age".


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