Jesus the Christ

Light of the Christ Consciousness

June 22, 2003

I bring to you this day my heart's love for you have need of Christ love. My love transcends the need to be anything but God. If you understand this then you can rise to the level of accepting God's love and being Divine Love. There is the common programming in the world, especially in the Christian doctrine, that because you have sinned you are not worthy of accepting your own Christhood. There has to be an exchange where you surrender the sense of sin and the sin consciousness and any unworthiness, while you simultaneously accept that the Christ is your heritage and you are already God through your Higher Being. If you try and surrender that which is unreal without replacing what you just surrendered with the Reality of God, something is going to have to fill that void within you and that something will not be God-Reality.

Ye Are Gods
You have heard that Moses said to his people, as he implored them to be who they really were, "Ye are Gods, and all of you are the sons of the Most High" (Psalm 82:6). What have you not understood with those words? If you are Gods and you descended from God, then your destiny is to return to God. Yet you cannot when you reject the very essence of who you are: God. Thus you have the Christ as your mediator to help you take the steps to fully understanding and internalizing these words. Yet to get there you must accept you are the Christ.

Your Christ Self is your personal savior. He knows the Truth and he also sees the unreality. He will guide you away from unreality and into the light, but you have to do your part. You have to attune to him. Listen in your heart to his impartations. Learn to know the difference between the carnal mind and ego and what comes from the Christ mind. So many of you who have studied the Teachings for years still do not know your Christ Self for both the reasons of not accepting your worth to be the Christ and not being willing to listen to the still small voice over the din of the your ego and the egos of others.

He is there to help you bridge the gap between your embodying soul and your Mighty I AM Presence who cannot lower his consciousness into the world unless their is a chalice prepared for him.

I come in this hour to give you a morsel of my Christ consciousness that you may each take the next step up the ladder of your own individual Christhood, wherever you are on that ladder. Whatever you have been struggling with that you may not have yet conquered in your lower self, surrender that to me and I will help you win your victory over that state of consciousness.

Accept me in your heart and know how great is God's love for you.


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