Elohim Hercules

Witness Unto the Truth

June 20, 2003

There are among you those who have come to prepare the way for the Golden Age. Then there are those among you who have come for entirely different reasons. Some of those reasons might be to balance karma or to work on a certain area of God mastery. Some of you are embodied angels coming to serve in many causes of light around the planet. Some have come to witness to the truth.

To you who have come embodying the flame of truth, I address you. You are the ones who know that truth must be spoken at all costs. You have been the outspoken ones and have known rejection from those who either don't want the truth to be known or don't want to hear the truth and then have to take responsibility to make a change. It is a thankless work where so many reject not only the truth but the person behind the truth.

Those Who Embody the Flame of Truth
I AM Hercules, and I am come with my legions in heaven who have been working with our legions in the physical—those who embody the flame of Truth. It is you I speak to today who are in the physical. Because you are behind the veil of Maya you have not the awareness that we are here with you and by your side as you attempt to be the light of truth. I ensoul you with my flame of God Power and love wherever you are on the planet.

I require you to do what you do best and that is to witness to God Reality wherever you see people caught in unreality, whether it be in your family and home or anywhere the I AM leads you to speak out. I ask you to remember to speak out and challenge the darkness when you see it. You can always do more to fulfill your purpose for coming into embodiment by asking for the Light to lead you wherever you are needed.

What is it that you have been called to do that you have not? Those working for the Light, and have been blasphemed for their actions, must call for the ruby ray light for the judgment of these energies sent to them that is not of the light. This is the important step for your missions. When you don't give the calls for what you have witnessed against you, these same  individuals might go on to hurt others as they have hurt you.

Many souls of light have a fear to speak up believing it is mean to speak out the truth because it might be offensive to someone. They need to learn when it is time to speak up and how to do it. Those who witness to the truth and are accused as being wrong for their actions also help other souls learn to speak out as they witness your courage and non-attachment to what reaction you receive. When you know you are right in the face of rejection, pray for their souls to be tutored in the reality of that subject to which you speak.

Thus you can fulfill your purpose for coming to earth and more. Yet one should not speak out unless you know in your heart of hearts that what you are saying is the truth. Discover the facts, research the topic, and do not judge unseemingly based on heresy or other methods. Witness unto the truth and speak from the heart in Being.

I AM Hercules and I am in the flame of Being. Call to my flame to bring you the courage to Be God-Truth regardless of the world's rejection for that truth. I will stand with you and empower you wherever the Word is spoken from the heart of peace and through the light of Christ.


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