Great Divine Director
part I
Who is the Great Divine Director

The Great Divine Director

Be the Christed Ones

June 17, 2003

I also come through the heart of this Messenger for the reminder that you need to be Christed ones in action on earth. I reinforce the calling of Saint Germain, the Goddess of Liberty and our beloved El Morya, to ask you to consider the truth of our words and to know in your hearts that we speak the truth.

Ask Me To Show You
Although we are here through this Messenger, we don't expect to have you follow blindly, but use your Christ discernment and receive your own confirmations in your hearts that this is true. I come to you today to be with you in your hearts and to show you the reality of these messages from the Light. If you ask me to enter in I will be there, and not only will I tell you but I will show you what is the truth on the inner. I will show you your calling and your divine plan and what needs to be implemented by you. I will show you that which you need to know to believe that this is true. You need only ask and I will be there.

I AM the Great Divine Director, and I have directed your lifestreams for many embodiments. You know me, as I have always been there with you. I have never left you, even through the times of going through the dark nights. I have given you my love and support through all your trials. Yet the test through such as the dark night is that you experience being alone through your darkest hour where you cannot feel any light but that of your own. Not even the light of your Presence can intercede for you, as you must know that you can do it alone, because you need to find that place inside yourself that is tethered to God, the Father Almighty, who is and was and is to come through you. That is your calling, to Be, and to know that being inside of yourselves that has always been there and always will, as long as you love God.

Know Who Your Are and Where You Came From
Yet for those who have turned against the Light, I am not there through them because they welcome me not. I cannot direct a lifestream that will not open their hearts to me, and thus to God. Therefore I have had to rely on others that I can use to reach souls who are recalcitrant in the Light of their own I AM Presence. They cannot accept me because they cannot accept their own God divinity, as those who love God can. Thus the key to having the victory on earth is to know who you are and where you came from and where you are going. 

This Messenger has listened to my words and direction and has obeyed them obediently, and that is how she has become one with her Christ Self in the alchemical marriage of the soul with the Christ. We are also one on the earth and my Presence is tangible through her. I walk the earth with her wherever she goes, although she knows it not because she doesn't see me. Yet I am here through her, and because of my Presence others have walked the line of their own personal Christhood towards gaining personal attainment in the Light. You too, can have this experience when you accept your own Christhood and follow your own inner direction from your Higher Self and my flame of Divine Direction.

Although you may not believe that my Presence is in this Messenger and that she has bonded with her Christ Self, with the faith God gives you in your heart you can know truth when you hear it. It is there in your heart that the ultimate truth is known. No one can confirm for you what is real or not. You can only know what is real through a heart purified in divine love. Although all of your spiritual centers can confirm God Reality and truth, your heart is the place of knowing where you may know truth beyond this world.

I seal you in the divine love of the heart where you may find me.


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