The Great Divine Director with Saint Germain and the Goddess of Liberty

Take Up Your Torches

June 17, 2003

I AM come bringing to you a message of peace and to ask those of you who feel the calling to help in supporting the fulfillment  of this mission. I AM the Great Divine Director and I ask you to consider what you can do for us to support this Messenger and the Shangra-la Mission and to help get the Word out.

This Messenger has been instructed to set up this mission in New York and to establish its foundation there to continue the release of the Ascended Master Teachings that have been ongoing through various previously sponsored Ascended Master dispensations.

In previous dispensations, there has been an opportunity to move on to a new dispensation while overlapping another, as with the Bridge to Freedom and the Summit Lighthouse. When the Messenger of the Bridge to Freedom, Geraldine Innocente, left embodiment by means of taking her own life, and subsequently went to her second death, the next dispensation had already begun with Mark Prophet. Because she ended her life untimely, the Messengers Mark and Elizabeth were asked to take over in her stead.1   Mark initially rebelled, but came around and took up the mantle with flying colors.2  Although they did not expect to have to do this in their final embodiment, they were prepared for many lifetimes to fulfill this role and many others. They have released a wide variety of teachings that will be incorporated into the Shangra-la Mission, as well as the teachings of the I AM Movement.

Through these organizations we are leading mankind in a continual movement towards the Light, and this progression needs to continue through this mission. We choose not only the dispensations that we sponsor, but who will represent us as messengers. With each dispensation we ask for chelas to pick up their torches and get to work because we have much to do to bring in the Golden Age and we need your hands and feet to accomplish it, as well as your hearts in action for the Lord.

You who are of the light know there is a battle being waged in the lower planes. This battle did not start in this age, but this age is a culmination of many ages of darkness that must be met in this hour and the victory won. Therefore, consider what you can bring to the feet of the Ascended Masters with your unique expertise, and from what you have garnered to your causal body for lifetimes. Then take this message as a call to action and give your devotion for the cause of freedom of Saint Germain.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

I AM Saint Germain and I call you into action to help with a more than extraordinary calling for the Light. Awaken to your part in this mission. Some of you have been in training for lifetimes and we are calling you into action as we called Mark and Elizabeth. Although they initially had doubts of their experiences or direction at first, they picked up the torch and ran when they realized the need of the hour, and we would like to see you do the same. For the time is now in our call to action. Thus our call has gone forth.

Goddess of Liberty

I call you into action, sons and daughters of Liberty, for Liberty will reign on this earth and I command it so! I AM Liberty, with Saint Germain, and we stand together in this place and time over this Messenger to bring to earth our flames with her flame of liberty and freedom and to anchor our Presence through her into the earth. It is here we will stay until we have this liberty for the Light. I call you into action, with Saint Germain, and I implore you to hear our words and take up your torch. For I am in need of the sons and daughters of Liberty to pick up their torches and hold them high as I have done in the New York Harbor for hundreds of years.

Therefore await your calling from beloved El Morya, through your Christ selves, and he will direct you, along with Saint Germain and the Great Divine Director, in what it is you can do for us to bring about the liberty of this planet and her people. I AM Liberty and I stand in the harbor alone because I have volunteered to hold this torch. You can also hold your torches, which are unique in God. Each one of God has a specific flame, as I have my Liberty flame, and you need to know what that flame is and embody and be your unique flame so you may fulfill your individual calling to help bring in the Golden Age that you have pledged for God and Saint Germain.

Let us be up and doing!


1 Geraldine Innocente passed away on June 21, 1961, when El Morya appeared to Elizabeth Clare Wulf while she was attending Boston University and asked her to go to be trained through Mark Prophet to be a Messenger, saying he had need of a feminine Messenger. She had to go on faith that this Master and message was real.

2 When Mark Prophet was working for the railroad driving railroad spikes, El Morya appeared before him. He began to doubt that this Master was real and had anything to do with Jesus, so he rejected any further contact with this strange Master. So the Master withdrew from Mark for two years. Mark realized one day that the Master was real and eventually the Master came back and tutored Mark for seven years before asking him to start the Summit Lighthouse.

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