The Great Divine Director

Help Establish the Platform for the Golden Age


June 15, 2003

I AM in the midst of you and you know it not because you have not paid heed to my Presence which has directed you through your Christ Self for a long time. I AM the Great Divine Director and I have directed your lifestreams in every embodiment. Yet you have not known that I AM there through your Higher Self or you have not wanted to follow God's direction. It is in the thinking you need to do something that is not in accordance with God's will because you have heeded to the voice of the carnal mind, and thereby avoided what you really need to be doing.

I Answer Your Calls in Your Heart
God has directed me to come to you and bring to your attention that you have had divine direction and although you might invoke me, you don't listen to the prompting of your heart. Therefore the next time you call to God for direction, listen for the answer, but not through your mind connected with the carnal mind, but the Christ Mind you can access through your heart. That answer might be something you totally did not expect or that you hadn't thought of before, because you have listened to the mind's logic not based on God reasoning but on the human propensities to put me first.

I have been with this Messenger for a long time, though she did not know I was the one directing her. I will continue to be with her as she goes through the birth in establishing this mission that God ordained. This mission will be a great responsibility for the setting of the platform for the Golden Age. This she did not know until my revealing it in this moment, but I reveal to you now that this platform is crucial for the coming Golden Age.

Consider then what you possibly can do to support her in this endeavor. It will not happen without you.  This preordained calling is God's truth. Know from my heart it is real and listen for the confirmation in your heart. Listen well. It is I, the Great Divine Director, who speaks to you through this Messenger and she is my Twin Flame, and now the Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood.

Where will you be in the hour to come when the Father calls you home and you have not fulfilled your dharma? Can you go? It will not happen, beloved, because you will need to complete the mission you have promised to do for God. When the cycle of opportunity ends, there will  also be an ending of opportunity for those who refused to come in alignment with God's will and direction, as the scroll of their life is rolled up and is no more.

Receive these words in your heart as you listen within to what is the need of the hour. It is now or never because cycles move on in time and space and there is never the same opportunity again. It is up to you to pick up my call and answer. Listen to the still small voice within, for there you will find me. Thus work while you have the light for the hour for this mission is now while there is the light to accomplish the work to bring in the Golden Age.

I AM the Cosmic Master R here to help you. The goal is to not just help yourself but to help all of life. If you but listen to your hearts I will direct your lifestreams to this end.


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