Beloved El Morya

Call to Action


June 17, 2003

I, Morya El, come in my Chela, Lorraine, to bring you this message of peace. You see peace is the byword of this movement and we all have come to bring you peace, as well as joy, in fulfilling your calling.

I have come through the heart of this Messenger for the upliftment of your being towards your Christhood and being the Christed ones in action on earth. I reinforce the calling of Saint Germain, the Goddess of Liberty and the Great Divine Director's, to ask you to consider the truth of our words and to know in your hearts that we speak the truth.

Take my call to action given to our beloved Messengers, Mark and Elizabeth, where they could not instantly heed my word. When I appeared to Mark he did not want to believe I was of God at first, but he did come around and I appeared to Elizabeth as well, and both did take up the call and help me in my need of the hour. It was not written in stone that they would be messengers in this life, but we did have this contingency plan in place that they be there if they were needed, and they were needed and they were there prepared already in so many ways. And thus I ask you to awaken to our call again, that we have need of many of you hearing our word now.

I cannot appear to each one of you as I did for Mark and Elizabeth to convince you that I am real, and stand before you. If you have never seen a Master in embodiment you would be shocked, and some of you frightened, by my Presence. It is not necessary that I appear before you as I did for Mark and Elizabeth, as theirs was a special reason because of the special need I had for them.

Take Up Your Calling

Although everyone's mission is special, you may know in your heart of hearts whether this is your calling. There is a commitment of light in my coming that can be both karma-making for myself and for who I appear to, as there are consequences for using my light to make an appearance, and for someone if they reject my Presence. Therefore, I don't need to appear before each of you to remind you of your calling. I had no need to appear before this Messenger to convince her of her mission. Much like Elizabeth's life, she has prayed constantly for a very long time to Be More and to assist the Light in any way she could. And much like Elizabeth's path, she too recognized Saint Germain through his words and picture as the first sign of the existence of the Ascended Masters, and began looking for him in the physical and where he was active on earth.

I admonish each of you to do the same and to pray for what you can do for God and the Brotherhood of Light and find your Master that you know in your heart is Real and seek him in Spirit and the physical, while praying for Christ discernment.

I AM here in this Messenger and calling you to action as you have never been called before. I say that for the reason that many of you have done tremendous things for the Brotherhood in times past, even through the Summit Lighthouse, in helping to prepare the chalice for the release of the Word. This calling is not just the Messengers. We need many souls on fire for God and to be the Light on earth in this hour. This calling is what some of you have been trained for, and some for many lifetimes. You know whereof I speak. You know in your hearts what it is you need to do. You know because I have delivered the message again and again, to be the Christ on earth, be who you really are. You know that is your calling. You know not only because I have told you, but because you have heard it through many other voices of the Brotherhood through Mother and Mark and other dispensations of the Light.

We do not need to tell you that now is the time, as never before. You only have to look around you and see for yourselves that there is much work to do to clear this planet of the dark forces that have invaded it and to help prepare the way for the incoming souls of light of the seventh root race. You only have to hear my word and know in your hearts that what I speak of is the truth.

Those who have been with me for lifetimes know me as Abraham. Some of you have known me, as Mark and Elizabeth have known me. Personally, I have been your father. I have been your mentor. I have been your friend. And as a friend in the light, I implore you to pick up your torches and run with them, with this Messenger, and all the others who have held the balance on the earth these four long years of absence of a Messenger. Therefore we call you into action now and know that you will be working for the Lord!


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