Beloved El Morya

My Messenger Delivers My Word

June 23, 2003


I AM come this day on the heels of Mighty Astrea to reinforce the judgment of those who would keep the Lightbearers from communicating with the Great White Brotherhood through our Messenger who is taking these releases.

It is not our intention to bring down the sword of Damocles above their heads, but it has been hanging there by a thread for a long time by their own misuse of the Light, and that thread s could break at any time and woe to those who would be underneath! They will not like what will come about in their lives.

I speak to those who have an ear to hear my words through my Messenger, and she is my Messenger! Woe to those who put her down as a charlatan and unfit to be the representative of and for the Great White Brotherhood in the power of the release of the spoken Word!

I AM El Morya and I speak again that I will continue to guide my chelas to take the high road and not the low road in following these fallen ones and their false direction to keep you from the Light. It is done, for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it I AM THAT I AM!

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