The Divine Mother

Your Divine Purpose "Being"

June 14, 2003

I AM the Mother and the Divine Mother of all. I have come to help you at this time in history, as the Christ is waiting to be born in you. The earth is experiencing the travail of the birth of the Christed ones. She will be victorious with this birth only if there are the many hearts open to accepting being the Christ. She will not have her victory if the many do not rise to that state of Being beloved Cyclopea just described.* This should be your divine purpose and your holy calling.

Endow the Earth with More
The state of Being can only happen in you when you choose to Be. Thus your divine responsibility is to choose the path of Being. No other person or Cosmic Being can do it for you. Cyclopea stated your responsibility is, "Being who you are". I will add to his words, "and more". The "more" being the love of your heart that God has given you and that He has endowed you with. He has blessed you with the wonderful ability to love all life and to give the love freely. Therefore it is your responsibility to endow earth with that which you are and more. You need to determine who you are in God and being more of God. The more being Love of course, but always more. And that is the key. The more is what you need to meditate on and discern the key that is locked in it. The more is the grandness of God in you. Expand that more and you will be all that you are, and more.

I have come with one other purpose and that is to endow you with the Divine Love of my heart and to bring you God-Peace in this time of laboring in your undertaking to be who you are. I have also come to bring you the love of the Father you have longed for in your own hearts. You have been afraid that if you accepted the Father's more that the love of the Divine Mother would not be necessary. Love is more and there is no love you lose by being more, you only have more.


1 *See Cyclopea, June 12, 2003.

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