Elohim Cyclopea

The Second Coming

June 14, 2003

I AM Cyclopea, coming again, for I have come with a message for you from the the Great Karmic Board.* It is about the Second Coming of Christ. The Second Coming is here already and it comes through the heart of each one as Jesus came to show the Way of the Second Coming so long ago. Yet the people are either kept from this truth by their religious dogmas or they are not ready to accept that truth. And thus this is the choice of the Age, to be or not to be the Second Coming of Christ. You can pass this understanding to others but only if you first set the example, for how can you teach what you are not being? Therefore it is up to each of you to Be and then relay that message to all through your Being the Christ example.

Be the Christ
I also would like to let you know that it is your responsibility to take to heart the teachings of the Ascended Masters that have been given in prior dispensations and use the tools to help you attain Christ consciousness. For many, the attaining of the Christ consciousness (and thus the Second Coming) has not been their priority in the past for want of taking the path seriously. It is not up to heaven to do the work for you that you need to do yourself. Heaven holds the vision of your victory and the choice of what consciousness you choose is up to you.

The understanding I relay here in this message is that you are the Christ in embodiment by choice. You need to pick up the torch of that which you already are. We have given this message in many ways in our prior dispensations yet few have heeded, not wanting to be the reality in who they already are. Rather they wanted to be that which they thought they were and thus they cannot pick up the torch of Reality. It is not wrong to be that which you already are in God, but it is wrong to think that you are not the You that you are.

The Christ is waiting to be born and your responsibility is to Be the Christ on earth. Yet if you have forgotten who you are and why you have come how can you be the Christ in the earth? Thus I have come to remind you that you are the Christ but you must choose to Be the Christ in embodiment and that is why you are here, to be all that you already are. Hear my words but listen also with your hearts. There is a key here in my words that you may discern. While I can encourage you in how to get from here to there through my words, the key you must discern for yourself.  For I give to you the key to the kingdom of Being God on earth. It is up to you to pick up the key and use it for your victory in Christ.


*The Great Karmic Board, also called the Lords of Karma, are comprised of eight cosmic beings who are assigned to help adjudicate mankind's karma in the most effective and compassionate way. Elohim Cyclopea is a member of this Board.


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