Elohim Cyclopea

The Mission - Preparing the Way for the Golden Age


June 12, 2003

I bring glad tidings! I, Cyclopea, speak through our new Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood for the first official release of Light under the new Ascended Master sponsoned organization of the Shangra-la Mission.

It is our goal through this organization to bring forth the completion of cycles that need to be finalized in order to prepare the way for the coming of the Golden Age. These cycles that were begun a very long time ago have stopped the progress of mankind. As the dawning of Aquarius begins, there is a soul longing for God-Peace and Love in the children of the Light and a return to purity, and thus it has been our goal is to help mankind set the foundation of Divine Love for a Golden Age.

The prime order of establishing the way to a higher love in the earth is uncovering what keeps mankind trapped in selfishness and the misuse of God's Light. Where there is the judgment of Christ there will be the restoration of God-Peace. Peace has to come through Christ consciousness and through the willingness to take a stand for truth. Peace is won through taking God-Power and using it righteously through Christ Love.

The hearts of Light need to see that without G0d-Power they will never have true peace. Heaven needs the children of Light to know this truth and there is much that we would like to have done to help these souls return to their God Self. The Masters will do all they can to bring truth and understanding to mankind, yet unless heaven receives your prayers and determined hearts we cannot intercede beyond holding the immaculate concept for you.

The need for God-Peace is vital on earth and in the hearts of men, as never before. Consider that this need is the center of attention through mission by each one's concerted effort, and through each one's heart dedicated to Being by remembering to Be your God Self and begin a new journey into Being.

I AM Cyclopea. My role in this mission is to bring enlightenment and hold the divine blueprint that God's will will be accomplished through this activity, as Above, so below, we may work together. We have one great purpose through this mission and that purpose is Being. Being is a state of consciousness that only can be obtained by choosing God-Reality. It is not something we can do for you. It is only through your efforts that you can come to this state of consciousness. Therefore, do the best you can, but in the process of doing Be.

This Messenger has walked the steps to Being and will be the example for all to follow, as she goes about her daily service. She has been God-taught and initiated in Being over the last several years. Very few on this planet have begun this path. We would like to see the many. The path of Christhood is the way to Being and more. Once you understand the path in becoming the I AM, the way of Being will follow.

There is only one God and there is you choosing to be one with God. Therefore, be one in your heart. Then, along with this oneness, empower God by being your true Self. Remember the adage: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This would apply to your path and role of being God on earth. Do unto God as you would have Him do unto you and see the many yous as God and treat them likewise. Remember this truth. There is only God Being through you. If you deny God the opportunity to Be through you, you also deny God having fulfillment through you.

This is the opportunity of the Age. It is the opportunity to bring in the Golden Age. It is an opportunity to fulfill in this hour what can be accomplished in a minute of cosmic time by remembering who you are. You are a son and daughter of God, if you accept to be so, and therefore you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Your prayers and calls can bring great assistance, but you must fulfill the tasks of doing them and ask for the enlightenment to fulfill each step on the Way. Therefore be unto God all that you are. And remember why you came to earth in the first place. You each have a Divine Plan and to fulfill and part of that mission is Being who you are.

There is no other grander purpose on earth than Being who you are and then becoming more. Herein lies a key to Being, that which you are, you already are in I AM. So remember, I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Those words mean, I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life in God and God only. There is only the Being of God. I AM the Way that you must will to Be, for the Way is the truth and the only truth in Being. Be the truth unto yourself. Be who you are. Be God who you are.


*The Shangra-la Mission was founded in the state of New York as a non-profit religious charity in January 2003.

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