Cosmic Being from out of the Great Silence

Your Heart's Love

June 20, 2003

I AM come out of the heart of the Cosmic Silence a cosmic being of light in the consciousness of God. I know the consciousness of God and that is what I would like to impart to you this day, a greater understanding of who you are in the consciousness of God.

There is so much more to who you are that can be understood. You are cosmic beings yourself, but your world gives you the understanding of who you are, and so few can break out of those limitations in being behind the veil of maya. Yet it can be done, even if for a moment during your prayers or meditation, or when you glimpse the beauty of nature and you rise above the everyday concerns of the world.

Consider why you are here. You wanted to become more and you wanted to contribute to the manifestation of God More in the world of form. Some of you lost your way as you became more identified with the world than with your Higher Self. Some of you came on a mission to help souls trapped in the wheel of rebirth and you have forgotten why you are here. Those of you who have connected with the Ascended Masters are seeking more, and hopefully the more of God. You have connected with the desire to serve and contribute to God and the manifestation of a golden age consciousness.

With those of you who have been here on earth for a long time you realize it has not been an easy task living and serving in a world with so much inharmony and discord and where the forces of darkness that are prominent in all aspects of society and nations have seemingly taken over the world. You look around in the hoping to find your brothers and sisters in the Light you know must be there somewhere, even among the wicked. Yet you do not realize that there are so few of them in numbers in comparison to the population in the world today. Yet that does not matter because it is not the numbers that count towards the victory but the quality of the heart. That is why we have been speaking in these releases about your heart's love and what it is to be in God.

If you change your focus from looking for those of the light to you becoming all that you are, you can then become a beacon of light yourself that will magnetize to you those of the light. Yet you will also magnetize to you those who are angry with God. They come attracted to the light and their goal is not to learn from you or help you. If you do not realize these types of individuals will also come to you and thereby you guard yourself and those of the light around you, you may lose the opportunity to fulfill your mission as either you or the souls of light could easily fall prey to the darkness that will seek to divide those of the light or even attempt to harm you in some way.

Thus I come to empower you with truth, to enlighten you with understanding of this dynamic in the world. So many sons and daughters of God have not understood this and have attempted to love everyone around them. Although love can heal many things, a fallen one who has had countless lives to remedy their decision to turn against God needs God's ruby ray love. Calling for the judgment on someone’s darkness and setting boundaries is an act of love when given from the heart.

Christed Beings have entered the world many times to bring light and truth. They have come in love and service and they have been the example of how hated they were for being God-Truth.  They have come in their Christ consciousness as wayshowers to light and truth. They have fulfilled being the Light. Be willing to follow in their footsteps and be wayshowers to others and be the Christed ones in their midst.


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