Wisdom of the Ages

June 25, 2003

The flame of God within you is what I wish to speak with you about this day. I AM Confucius, your brother in the Light of Wisdom. I come bringing this wisdom to you to enlighten you, and to inspire you to be who you are.

Your Unique Flame

Your God flame is unique in God. We have been teaching much about this flame and there is none other like it but with your twin flame. Thereby accept that this flame that you are is yours, and yours alone. It is truly unique in that what it is comprised of is a multitude of attributes of God. First and foremost being one of the major God qualities like Love. But it also includes many minor aspects that bring it the uniqueness that makes you who you are.

I come to share with you the knowledge of this and how to discover your God flame. You have been God-taught what many Masters have already said, the need of the hour is to be who you are. Thus I come to further your understanding on this being that you may internalize this concept more completely than you have before.

Your divine plan is comprised of utilizing your God flame in its greatest capacity. In order to do this you must apply the flame that you are into action and in that action thereby you are Being. You came into the world to also endow your Being with being Love and More. That is the overall picture. The details you fill in through being the uniqueness of the aspect of God that you are.

As the Great Divine Director offered to assist you in writing to him, you may also ask for more wisdom in understanding by praying to your Christ Self, the wisdom angels and the wisdom masters. Sometimes the God flame that you are is not seen by yourself, but by others. Thereby if you ask a good friend what strength they see in you (and likewise you can tell them what you see in them), they may bring to your outer awareness some aspect of your being that you take for granted but others easily see your outstanding strength of character.

If you contemplate what you do best, for example working with children or the elderly, which signifies that your God flame carries love, patience and nurturance, you can see the correlation between what you do and what you give in your doing. Another example is what hobbies you love to do and what you do in your spare time, or even if you continue to work in your spare time, which would signify you have a strong service aspect to your God flame.

Write down what you love to do, what people count on for your contribution to the family or in groups. Do you take leadership positions? Do you do all the cooking and caring for the family or like to contribute to groups by bringing something? Do you contribute wisdom in helping others understand how life works or what heals this situation or that? Do you sit quietly and say very little but remain happy or peaceful all the time?

When you get some ideas of these inner strengths look also to what throws you off balance. Sometimes that indicates opposition to your God flame. If you like to be around people and enjoy the peace of sharing ideas and conversation but you get upset when someone is domineering or easily angered, that could indicate that peace is important to you and as aspect of your God flame.

These are a few suggestions to help you as you work here below and heaven assists from above. When you learn more of what your God flame is you should strive to embody all that you can be in those God qualities and from there strive to be more. Strive to be more loving, peaceful, grateful, or disciplined. In that way you increase your God flame whereby all good accrues to your I AM Presence and causal body.

The Diet of the Ancients
As an important aspect of Being I come also to bring the wisdom of the ages in regards to your diet and health. Thus I have some further teachings on this matter that I would like to bring to you today. The body is in need of light as nourishment and if it cannot get it from the food you eat it will need to get it from other sources. If you would like to see more abundant energy in your life to assist you in accomplishing your missions with Godspeed, then I would like to suggest that you eliminate from your diet certain foods that drag you down. As you remain balanced in your physical body you will assist your mental and emotional bodies to also stay in balance.

Diet becomes very important to the adept on the path and for good reason. If you consume lots of refined sugars your blood sugar rises and falls thereby giving you highs and lows. Obviously when you are in a low period you do not have the strength to overcome temptations. Thus all refined sugars are very important to remove from your diet.

You may have tried many diets over your life by choice, and sometimes not by choice if you eat just what your family provides for you. It takes self-discipline to change one's diet if it differs from family, friends and co-workers, but it can be done when you love God more. While removing refined sugars is very important, it is one of the easier foods to eliminate around others. Do not consume sugary drinks, and turn down the desserts.

Then break the habit of consuming coffee to wake up or stay awake and any caffeine drinks to provide you strength. When you eat a proper diet you will have all the strength you need. You do not have to take your diet to extremes. Simplicity is the key to all. The diet should include grains and vegetables, and from there you may include the beans to form a complete protein and then supplement your diet with minerals through supplements or seaweed products.

Be Diligent to Find the Hidden Sugars

The mass production of food today brings more processed food than you have ever seen before in the civilized world. These processed foods are burdened with high sugar and fats, and the fats are the wrong kind you need. In order to keep them from becoming rancid there are many preservatives added, some of which are created in the laboratory. And thus you must be diligent to weed out these sources from your diet, as they are hidden in many products to the detriment to the health of the body.

Therefore, stick to those products that haven't been processed like you will find on most of your supermarket shelves and fast food restaurants. These products are created for one reason, and one reason only, and that is profit and greed. And they do not provide nourishment in any great quantities. Therefore, if you look to whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts and fish as your main foods as your means of nourishment, along with your supplements, you will provide a rounded diet that will meet your needs and take you into the Golden Age consciousness. It takes dedication and discipline to eat right when so many processed foods are available and there is so little time to cook your own food while working full-time. Yet the reward will be great for your efforts.

I AM Confucius with the light of truth. May you know a greater path that leads to your personal God Victory and Being.


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