Elohim Astrea and Purity

Be Messengers of the Word

June 16, 2003

The Word is the key to the victory of this planet. I come to reinforce the delivery of the Word of beloved Lord Maitreya. I come and I AM Mighty Astrea. I encircle you now with my circle and sword of blue flame, to cut you free from the dross and misunderstanding of your carnal minds. There is no victory without you. You are the victors and it is up to you to invoke the Light and ask for those negative projections to be taken.

Therefore, I reinforce Lord Maitreya's words1 , release the Teachings of the Ascended Masters to the many. Deliver them now and give to those deserving hearts what they deserve, the Light! I AM come to deliver you from the dross and the misbeliefs of your carnal minds! Use me! That is what I AM here for, to cut you free.

Be Who You Are
I AM Mighty Astrea, and I come with my consort of Light, Purity, to deliver you and to free you to be in the Lord who you are. I know you have heard this many times of late. But we cannot tell you enough times that this is your reason for being. Therefore, we ask you to consider where you have not followed our direction to Be who you are. If you had you would be well on the way to being the Word incarnate.

While I have been speaking through this Messenger she has been under attack for her delivery of this message.2 The forces of darkness cannot stop her from delivering the Word, although they have tried, for we have the power and my circle and sword to cut free those attempting to stop the delivery of the Word. Remember she is an instrument as you can be. A true Messenger will always be under attack by the forces in and out of embodiment. That is why not everyone can deliver the Word. There are many initiations that must be passed in order to discern the darkness disguised as the Light, to know and recognize when to make the calls and on what energies, and to keep on keeping on regardless of what opposition attempts to stop you. Look up to her as an example, but not as an idol or the only one who can be an instrument of the Lord, but know that it is not easy to carry this mantle.

Be Messengers of the Word
There is only one mantle Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, but there are many messengers on earth that we use. Be a messenger and deliverer of the Word, in being who you are in the Word. You are all that we need already. Speak the Word of your Higher Self and allow the truth to come through you. It is the Word that is delivered through you that is the instrument of the cutting free of the dross that surrounds you. Keep free of this darkness by calling daily for you to be cut free from it, as this density and darkness will weigh you down and keep you from being messengers for us.

You have God-Truth in the Ascended Master Teachings, you have the Way to go for many souls of light. They have not that truth that you have been given. Many have to find it and you can be an instrument to help in the delivery of the Word. Without the truth their freedom is denied them, for the truth shall make you free (John 8:32). That is our motto for a reason, because truth is the eliminator of the lie and the Liar. Therefore, it is your responsibility to eliminate (and illuminate) through truth and the delivery of truth through the Word.

Give the Word Freely
Would you have us deliver the words to have you put them away in a box to save for some future generation? Nay, I say! That is not the purpose of the delivery of the Word. It is to be given freely as you have received it. I tell you this because I know what is going on. I see what has been put in the drawer. I know the delivery of the Word that was given to the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet. I know what she has received from us. And I know what is there to be given out.

Therefore, consider that the release of the Word has to be eminent in order to meet the timetable of the Brotherhood in the release of the dispensations to come. Therefore, would you have us release dispensations that are not built upon prior dispensations of Light? That would be folly to build a house on sand that will not stand the tests of time. It will collapse of its own weight because there is no firm foundation for it to stand on. Therefore, where will the foundation come from if not the Word and the Truth already released? Many truths have been given already. You have restrictions on time in your world and we do not want to have to repeat what has already been given, but to release so much more.

The Judgment
The truth must be given out to the Lightbearers. I, Astrea, call forth the release of the Word given in prior dispensations! Heed my words, or the judgment will surely come down upon those who deny the souls of God what we have given to set them free.


1 See Lord Maitreya, "The New Shangra-la Mission for the Release of the Word".

2During the taking of the dictation the Messenger started coughing, an attack on the throat chakra. She made the call to Astrea to encircle her throat and cut her free from the opposition to the delivery of the Word, and continued on.


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