Aries & Thor

The Weight of Mankind's Karma

June 16, 2003

We have come in the heart of the Mother because we want to bring this message today. We are Aries and Thor hierarchs of the air elements. We come with the sylphs and we direct your attention to not only the clearing of air element but the mental body of the planet and yourselves.

It is our purpose to help you right that which clogs the air and mental belt of the planet. The mighty sylphs hold the balance through the winds and clouds and clear the pollution mankind have made in the earth. While few know of their existence while they mightily bring the currents of the Holy Spirit and transform the base of human thoughts into the Mind of Christ and God.

The sylphs bring the water of life and sometimes withhold it as mankind's karma accumulates as mountains and block the flow of currents of the clouds. There is so much they do and so joyfully they work, yet at times they are very burdened by what is released into the air.

Violet Flame Needed for the Earth
Thus we come with a reminder how much the elements need your calls and the victory flame as the violet fire that will help transmute the burdens that sometimes accumulate faster than they can clear up. As the cycle of mankind's karma descends in that which is end of an age the karma often outplays in cataclysmic events. Storms, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and drought, all take their toll on life wherever these conditions manifest because the karma returning is greater than is transmuted.

What we foresee in the earth body in the future is the potential for much of these calamities. The mental body of the planet is polluted with the thoughts of the lower mind which have no basis in the mind of Christ. We do not like to be doomsayers bringing bad news, but we must be realistic and bring you the truth. The weight of mankind has caused the tilting of the earth's axis. In order for the earth to correct herself the karma must be lightened.

While we with the elements do all we can to help keep the balance in the earth, your role is to clear your own forcefields and keep them clear, and then work on clearing the earth of her effluvia. Whether you like it or not, you are part of the mass consciousness and the earth body and you must take responsibility for your planet.

This does not mean you need to challenge every problem in your governments and societies, but that you can know you can make a difference with your calls and being a wayshower in a higher way of living that contributes to the beauty of earth and all life.

While the earth's axis can not right itself overnight you need to be aware that changes do need to occur. Any major shifts in the axis would cause a violent shift in the planet and it is clear that everywhere would feel the ramifications of even a slight shift, first as violent winds and second as the waters move from the oceans to the land.

We have spoken of these changes that need to occur before a Golden Age can manifest or there will be no platform for the Golden Age.

We want you to know that we love you and support the lands that you live on, but we cannot protect them indefinitely and bring this righting about. Therefore, help us if you can and we will help you bring in the Golden Age.

We are,
Aries and Thor



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