Archangel Michael

Losing the Will To Be


June 19, 2003

"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God" (John 1:1). Who is that Word beloved? It is you in manifestation. You as the being that was before creation and the potential to be after creation.

I AM Archangel Michael and I come with the Word that is Life and Being, "and without him was not any thing made that was made." Thus the Word was the beginning, the middle and the end. If a soul is not one with the Word what are they one with? Nothing, beloved, they are as nothing, without Light, without Being. Through lifetimes they may come and go, but if they do not and will not choose to Be who they are there will come a day and a reckoning where their cosmic scroll is rolled up and is no more.

I come bearing news of one such lifestream that has passed from the screen of life. For years she sat at the feet of the Guru and supped at the table of the Lord, partaking of the Light. It was her last opportunity. Would she, could she, take the nourishment provided and become more?

It was no coincidence that this lifestream crossed this Messenger's path many a time. They went to Summit University together. They lived in Glastonbury near one another. They worked together to help her contact her records of the past in order that her heart could be awakened to her past where she had for many lifetimes taken her own life, prematurely ending what God had given her: Life and the potential to Be the Word.

You see every lifestream is given the potential to choose to Be the Word, even those whom you know were not created by God, but mechanized man created by the fallen angels. For God can breathe the breath of life in them and endow them with the Christ flame when they have a seed of light found in them whether they are genetically engineered or not. All life comes from the Word and in the cycles of time and space the opportunity to be one with the Word is given to conscious beings to choose through their free will to be one with that Word or go their own way choosing death. For the way that seemeth right unto man but does not resonate with the Word is the ways of death.

This lifestream who had been given the Living Word and turned away from the Guru and the deliverer of the Word. She accepted the lie as the truth and thus for her began the same negative spirals she had entered over many lifetimes. Spiraling into depression and without light she quickly fell into the same propensity to end her life. Although she did not physically take her own life she willed the death of her body and succumbed suddenly to an internal infection and passed from the screen of life.

The karma she faced could only be balanced on earth by making higher choices when confronted with similar situations in this life. The only place you can restore the will to be I AM is on earth. There is no way back to God without the will to Be. You can leave the earth's schoolroom for a time, but you will return again and again to pass this initiation.  When I tell you that Being is the way back to I AM and that there is no other way on earth but being who you are, I speak the truth that is there before your eyes.

You can better understand our coming through this mission with our emphasis on being who you are with what I have relayed to you in this message. This lifestream had her last opportunity and even in the very midst of tremendous light we brought for transformation and healing, there was a rejection of the Messenger and the Word. Thereupon, our light also became the judgment. For that which cannot take the light will turn on the light and be judged.

I AM Archangel Michael and I wield my sword of blue flame, which is the precipitated substance of the Sacred Word, whereby my flame may cut you free from the propensity to reject the Will of God and the Word. Yet I can only protect you for a time, and the time has come to separate the tares from the wheat. Be on the side of the Word and you will find there I AM.



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