Archangel Michael

We Prepare the Way For You

June 18, 2003

I AM come to prepare the way for the Light. I AM come with legions of angels. I AM Archangel Michael, your beloved brother and cohort in the light. I serve you as you serve me in giving your calls to me. They are much needed because the earth is weighted down by so much darkness put upon her from the misuse of power and light.

Your Calls Are Important
It is our angels that go into the earth plane and bind the fallen ones as you call to us. We cannot intercede unless we receive your calls. Although Ascended Master students know that, we remind you again lest you forget the importance of your calls.

It is time now to pick up the torch of Being your I AM Presence and be who you are in I AM. We protect the way for your victory in Being if you call to our legions daily. We will do all we have to do to clear the negative momentums from your world as well as the planet. We are prepared to do this because we want to see you victorious and it is the love of our service to free the Light wherever it is bound to darkness. Our hearts desire is to serve, as we are angels and serving is our love. Some of mankind are are cohorts who are serving in matter, and sacrificing their mastery to put on bodies confined to time and space. You as our cohorts in the Light, who serve here below, we serve with you from Above. We have, and continue to, work together in the Light. We support your lifestreams as you support causes of light again and again, selflessly putting your lives on the line for God Truth to be victorious.

The Time Is Now
The byword of this mission of Shangra-la is Being I AM. This byword can be yours as well. This is what this mission will teach by example. We have waited for the culmination of certain things to happen on the earth to prepare the way for this mission. It has happened. The time is now.

I am calling you to serve. Be a part of this mission, and I promise you this, you will see what Being I AM really means. This is an opportunity to fulfill a mighty work for the ages and that work has begun. Accept that you want to be your I AM and we will prepare the way.

I AM Archangel Michael and I AM your brother in the Light! You are Being I AM in God Reality and I seal you in the Light of Victory.

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