Archangel Gabriel

Being More

June 19, 2003

I AM your friend and teacher in the Light. I AM Archangel Gabriel bringing the ray of purity in Being More. I AM that which you think I AM and More. Although you may not know what the more is you may well understand that Being More has something to do with expressing power in love as beloved El Morya has carried the More in his surname in times past to impart to mankind the true More. He is the chohan of the will of God and God Power and many have felt his great love in expressing God Power, as this Messenger has witnessed many a time while being his chela.

Thus this Messenger understands the More as she has been tried and tested for many years to Be More. She has learned how much love there is in God power and how much power is misused, abused and rejected. Either people see power as abusive and don't want it or they see power as a means to getting more of that which is in the world and not of God. The former rejects power and thereby rejects more and the latter takes power to unlawfully gain more, but they can never get the More of God but only of the ego and fallen self.

I bring you a glimpse of the More through these words imparted to you to awaken your hearts to what we have been saying. You understand this truth at the soul level, but you may not have incorporated it into your Being. And that is because there are blocks to love and blocks to God power. These blocks have formed over many lifetimes and they must be faced and cleared from your lower self before you can begin to reach for the More of I AM THAT I AM.

It is not that we like to repeat ourselves, but it is necessary sometimes to do so to reach through the carnal mind's objections. The carnal mind's objections are great because it knows the existence of itself will be no more when you have the true More, then there is no thing outside of the More that is in control but I AM.  There will be no more existence of the carnal mind when you have embodied the More because there is no More in the carnal mind and never has been. God power will be in control, but not in the ways of the world, but a power controlling through love. Thus you may contemplate what I am saying and what needs to be changed in your world to be this More.

I AM your Gabriel in the Light and I seal you with this message in the More. May you know More and the beauty of having God power in God love.


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