Archangel Gabriel

Endow the Flame You Are With The More

June 18, 2003

There is a reason for being and you have been told this several times in these last days. But I will tell you again what you need to hear to reinforce your understanding of what this means.

I AM Gabriel, Archangel of the Lord, and I tell you from my heart that this is the need of the hour, God Being in you. God has asked me to speak with you through this Messenger to bring you a higher understanding of what we have been telling you over these days, and that understanding is about God Being inside you.

God is inside of you through your God Presence within the secret chamber of your heart. You are a unique flame that God has endowed you with when your Presence was created in the heart of God. This unique flame can carry aspects of love, joy, victory or any of the positive qualities of God. God has endowed your Presence with Being and then He sent you forth with the potential to be more through expressing your unique flame through the Matter plane.

Endow the Flame You Are With The More
You were asked to do one that when you first came into embodiment, to Be who you are and express your Being so that you may be more. Your God flame that you are endowed with can grow and expand and become more through Being. What that means is that you were created with a certain uniqueness that can expand to become even more than you are. It is your free will choice to not only be who you are but to be more than who you are. It is also your free will choice to ignore your true nature and create a pseudo identity. Though by taking that choice you will not ascend back to I AM, for what will you bring back to your Presence if not the reality of You with more?

When you know your God flame you can consciously choose to be your flame and not allow the negative energies of the world to stop you from Being.  Yet ultimately, it is your choice through free will that God has endowed you with. Yet only for a time. You cannot choose forever to never express your true Self. If you never choose to Be your God flame you are also choosing to move further and further away from God Reality.

There is a point when you have gone so far out from I AM that there is no reality of God left in you. You have chosen death. Death is the cessation of your lower self through what Revelation describes into which the fearful and unbelievers the liars and evildoers are cast into the lake of sacred fire where they are no more. That death is called the second death where all their energies are returned to the Great Central Sun for repolarization with the Light.

Thus there is nothing that can remain outside of God forever. What can be created outside of the Light are miscreations, and they are allowed only for a time. God sees the unreality but He only sees your reality. He gives the unreality no consideration. That is God immaculately holding the vision of your reality while still seeing the unreality you have created. God sees Himself in everything even that without His Light. How can He do otherwise when everything that is exists within Him? Thus understanding what gift God has given you in the potential to Be and Be more how can you take His gift of free will and use it to purposely be anything outside of Him?

Know Your God Flame
How can you best understand your God flame so that you can be who best of who you are? Contemplate what you do best and what you love to do that brings you joy and happiness and what other souls express uplifts them being in your presence. There is yet another means of knowing more. Ask this question to your Higher Self and then listen to the inner answer. This Messenger can also receive the major aspects of your God flame for you, although it is always best to begin with yourself rather than immediately relying on others to do what you can do yourself with a little effort.

You need to know your God flame for Being more.  It is the light in your torch you have been asked to run with. You see there will be many torches and many flames held high as this age progresses, and it will be the Light that will usher in the New Age.

Therefore, I give you this vision of you as runners with your torches held high above your heads. The torch represents the I AM Presence in you and the God flame that you are. Thus be sealed in the God Reality of who you really are, I AM.


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