Almighty God

Know Me - Transgress Your Mind

June 20, 2003

I AM the Light of the World! Therefore, I AM in you, for the Light that I AM is in you as well. I AM your Father and Mother and all aspects of God for I AM God, the Almighty in the Presence of this Messenger and I can be in you as well. Yet you must welcome me in the sense that you have to know you are worthy that I AM in you.

Worth is a conjectural thing, meaning that your belief is the paramount truth in your life, and if you believe that you are not worthy to be one with God, your creator, then your free will takes precedence over the will of I AM.

I have given you free will for this purpose to know me as God, to freely choose all that I AM. While you cannot know all that I AM through your mind, you can become one with me through your heart. There you may transcend the mind to find vistas of I AM through the Christ mind. There you can know me through the Christ consciousness beyond the limitations of the mind and its limitations to accept God-Reality. To know me as I AM you must transgress your mind and reach for your higher consciousness.

In order for you to know me and accept me in your being you must come to the realization that I AM here in you through love and love alone. I cannot be where there is no love, for although I AM everywhere in consciousness, I can only Be through you when you consciously accept we are one and you be the love that I AM.

Understand what I AM saying and you will gain your freedom to be who you really are in God. The Christ is your Real Self and the way to the Mind of God that I AM.


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