Our Logo for Shangra-la was created to represent who we are and what we are about. We use three overlapping squares of each color of the threefold flame coming together to form the 12-pointed star. The 12-pointed star was inspired by beloved Alpha and Omega to us to be the basis of our logo. We took the colors of the threefold flame: pink representing love, yellow representing wisdom, and blue representing power. The goal is to bring KNOWLEDGE (yellow) through divine LOVE (pink) to emPOWER (blue) souls to be free.

Twelve is a cosmic number representing many things we will be presenting: 12 major religions and their commonality of love, 12 aspects of God and the way to true freedom to BE, 12 major initiations to embodying the Christ consciousness.

Our motto for the organization is "Love is the Key" and "Peace" is our byword. You cannot attain true peace without freedom through knowledge. We have a pink lotus flower in the center which represents our "Love" motto, the lotus in the East being a symbol of peace and purity as the lotus rises out of the muddy waters into a pure symbol of beauty. The petals of the Lotus flower vary in number symbolizing the many aspects of purity we can be - 12 petals symbolizing the heart chakra.

As the star spins, representing our spinning chakras, it becomes the white light or purity of God. As we see the movement of light in this spinning, we visualize the true freedom that we can have through illumination and the balanced threefold flame.

The logo is set in a violet background representing the violet flame and freedom and the coming Aquarian Age sponsored by Saint Germain.

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About The Shangra-la Mission

The Shangra-la Mission was founded by Lorraine Michaels in January 2003, as a non-profit religious charity, and under the inspiration of beloved Alpha who asked her to found a mission based on the commonality of the world's major religions as well as science and philosophy, in the love for God and that all knowledge and teachings comes from the One Source, God.

The idea first came to her when Saint Germain came to her in 2001 and asked her to form a charity that would "feed and clothe the children, and go where no man had gone before". He was not literally talking about children, but the children of God.

In the fall of 2002 the Great Divine Director announced to Lorraine that she would be the next Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood. Lorraine's mantle and anointing was received on December 6, 2002 in an etheric ceremony. She shared her mantle with her husband, Kim Michaels.

Lorraine's first dictations were taken six months later, approximately 60 short messages taken over a month, which are posted as the "Founding dictations". Kim then began to take all the public dictations and Lorraine took a back seat under the Masters direction to allow things to unfold for the exposure of the Conscious You. Occasionally over the next few years a Master would ask her to take a message and then publish it. Those dictations are posted as Shangra-la 2003-2008.

The Mission lasted seven years. Kim left the Mission and Lorraine in 2009 and by divine direction the Mission was closed and a new organization was founded, Theosophia is the Way. Shangra-la's main purpose was for the judgment. Kim began teaching false teachings slowly over the years, beginning in 2005 introducing the Conscious You and other new concepts mixing or replacing the traditional concepts from the Ascended Master Teachings with Conscious You ideas. Theosophia's mission was to expose every facet of those false teachings and the consciousness behind it.