Almighty God

Be That Which You Are and More


June 17, 2003

I AM everywhere in the consciousness of God on earth, as Above so below. I AM in the heart of the Mother. Where I AM, God is Being. Where I AM you also can Be.

Many have heard these words over and over and in many places, yet I AM is still unable to Be where they are. Thus those of the Light will keep on repeating this truth until the victory is won. Therefore, with all your getting, get this understanding! Then with that understanding go be the I AM, and share this knowledge with the world and across this planetary body with your torches of Light held high because you know who you are and have become the you of I AM. Seize this opportunity in this hour while you have the Light.

Be the More
We say to you again: be all that you are and more. The "more" is being the Light of God through your Being and expressing your Higher self in divine love. When you endow everything you do with that love, you are the more. The divine love and more is what we need from you in this hour. That is the call to action. Awaken to your high and holy calling, to be all that you are and more.

I AM THAT I AM in you and in all life that is endowed with that spark of divinity that is the threefold flame, which flame endows one with the potential to be all that I AM. That flame I have given all of souls to be more. When you tend that spark on the altar of God within the secret chamber of your heart you give back to I AM what God has given you, but with more.

Be that Which You Are and Surrender Your Christ Self
Therefore, be that which you are and allow your Christ Self to return back to me, multiplied by your heart's flame, and tend those flames by right action. In other words, use them. Be them. And in that Being you have no need of your Christ Self any more. He has done his job and he is freed to return back to the Universal Christ Consciousness, multiplied for the many more he can be, through your endowing him with the more.

Do you see the picture I give you in the innermost being of your hearts? This is my grand plan each lifestream on earth. I AM in you being the more when you allow me to Be.


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