Almighty God

God I AM IS and More in You

June 14, 2003

I AM come through the heart of the Mother, one with Father-Mother. I AM come to bring you a message of peace. Through you I AM more—more because you are if you allow more. I AM Peace in the heart where I AM IS and more. I speak through this Messenger because she has welcomed me in her heart and in her temple.

The reason for my Presence with this message through this Messenger today is to bring you a morsel of wisdom of my Being through I AM. Yet in that morsel can be known much more. You have the potential to know my Presence within as I AM because I AM everywhere in the hearts of men, if they allow me. Unless you bid me enter I will not enter where I am not wanted.

Know where I could Be, but where I AM not. For some it is within you that you do not receive me. You think I am everywhere, but you believe I am not in you. This is a fallacy on your part because you have been programmed to believe the lie that I am not in you.  Yet in the minds of some of my children the presence of I AM is not wanted because they lack the belief of who I AM in them.

I AM More in the earth through this Messenger, and there I will stay because she has accepted me in her heart. There is where I want to be in you as well, but you must welcome me in. Where I am unwelcome the light is not manifesting. Thus I need to have your answer, "will you open the door of your heart and allow me in?" If so, there I will to Be.


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