Founding Dictations

Elohim Cyclopea, "The Mission - Preparing the Way for the Golden Age" June 12, 2003
Cyclopea comes calling souls to be who they are in God and to their mission and the mission of helping bring in the Golden Age.

Divine Mother, "Your Divine Purpose "Being" June 12, 2003
The Divine Mother reminds us of our most important purpose on earth and to bring us her peace.

Elohim Cyclopea, "The Second Coming" June 14, 2003
Call to spread the truth that Christ has already come in the hearts of men.

Almighty God, "God the I AM Is and More in You" June 14, 2003
God is calling us to invite him in our hearts and be who we really are, the I AM.

Mighty Victory, "Being the Victory for the Golden Age" June 15, 2003
Mighty Victory comes to bring us peace and victory and to remind us to fulfill our missions, which will bring victory for the Golden Age.

The Great Divine Director, "Help Establish the Platform for the Golden Age" June 15, 2003
The Great Divine Director reminds us that when we call, he will answer in our hearts and he calls us to respond to the call to help establish the platform for the Golden Age.

Zarathustra with the I AM Presence, "Legions og Angels Bring Victory" June 15, 2003
Legions of angels come bringing victory for our planet and to help bring the judgment. We are reminded to sit down daily and plan each step ahead to complete our missions and we will receive guidance.

Elohim Peace & Aloha, "Inaugural Address of the Shangra-la Mission" June 15, 2003
The Elohim tell us that "peace" will be the byword of this new organization. They tell us that our children's children will come to speak out the truth and we need to protect them by clearing the planet with the judgment angels, of these fallen one who would endanger their lives.

Lord Maitreya, "The Shangra-la Mission for the New Release of the Word" June 16, 2003
Lord Maitreya explains that Shangra-la will be the future sponsored organization for the release of the Word and prior releases of the Word needs to be freely given to all and not withheld. He admonishes those to not compromise the delivery of the Word ever again.

Elohim Astrea & Purity, "Be Messengers of the Word" June 16, 2003
We are asked to deliver the Word as given and reminds us to Be who we Are so that we all may be messengers of the Word, but there is only one sponsored Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood.

Mighty Victory, "The Maxim Light Anchored in New York" June 16, 2003
Shangra-la is to be established in New York, an ancient Atlantean site of the Temple of Life's Victory, which temple had the Maxim Light and an ascension chair, and will be built again.
Aries and Thor, "The Weight of Mankind's Karma"
June 16, 2003
The elemental hierarchs come to explain the earth is weighted with darkness in the major cities of the world and the elementals need violet flame to prevent destructive earth changes.
The Great Divine Director with Saint Germain
and the Goddess of Liberty, "Take Up Your Torches" June 17, 2003
The Shangra-la to be incorporate teachings of the Summit Lighthouse & Bridge to Freedom. We are called to pick up our unique torches for God of the flame we are.
El Morya, "Call to Action" June 17, 2003
You are being called to pick up your unique mission that you have been trained for eons. The time is now.
The Great Divine Director, "Be the Christed Ones" June 17, 2003 (Cont.)
He asks you to go within your heart and ask for confirmation of the truth and he will show you. He explains that he has been always with those souls who have not turned against the light, even through the Dark Night of the Soul.
Serapis Bey "Love Is the Key!" June 17, 2003

The Church Universal was to be a mission of love, but has not bore the fruits of the labor of love and thus the Brotherhood has with-drawn their support and founded another organization based on peace and love.

Surya & Cuzco "Apply the Violet Flame to the Earth" June 17th, 2003

The Earth's axis needs to be righted and the time is now. The elementals are burdened and need lots of violet flame, especially sent to the darkness areas of the earth to avoid mass destruction.

Almighty God, "Be that Which You Are and More"
June 17, 2003

God has a grand scheme which he shares with us and that is he endowed us with the more to go be all that we are and more. In the process we no longer need our Christ Selves because we have fulfilled the purpose God gave him to us for and we can surrender him to God to multiply for the many.

Lord Lanto and Confucious, "Why The Dispensation of Shangra-la" June 18, 2003

There is much knowledge to pass on to the earth, but there is no vehicle in the prior organizations. You have a mission that you have been prepared for that is outside the Summit Lighthouse.
Archangel Michael "We Prepare the Way For You"
June 18, 2003
Archangel Michael comes to prepare the way through the debris to help you complete your mission and says the time is now. He also calls us home, when we have completed our mission, in the ritual of the ascension.
Mother Mary , "Attune with Your Christ Self" June 18, 2003

Mother Mary asks us to go into our hearts daily and meditate with our Christ Selves and receive the truth within. He will also help us obtain our victory in the Light.
Archangel Gabriel, "Endow The Flame You Are With The More" June 18, 2003
We are asked to do one thing for God and that is be who we are, the unique flame and endow that flame while we are on earth with the more - which is love. You may ask the GDD and his twin flame for help in knowing your flame.
Archangel Gabriel, "Being More" June 19, 2003

Archangel Gabriel imparts to us the More through his words to help us incorporate it in our being.
Archangel Michael,"Losing the Will To Be" June 19, 2003
Some of us have lost our will to be because of past betrayals from so-called representatives of God. Archangel Michael comes bringing the understanding of one who did not bend the knee to the light and the Word.
Lotus & Godfre, "Dispensations of the Great White Brotherhood" June 19, 2003
Lotus explains how each organization sponsored by the Brotherhood prepares the way for future dispensations. She tells of the opposition to their I AM Movement and the trust that Godfre had to prevail, and that there are further releases to bring to earth for the Golden Age.
Almighty God, "Know Me - Transgress Your Mind" June 20, 2003
God, the Father Almighty speaks to us to give us the understanding that He can be in us through consciousness. We must transgress the mind, the limited God to find Him, and that He is only in love, where there is no love, He is not there.

Cosmic Being Out of the Great Silence, "Your Heart's Love" June 20, 2003

We have within ourselves an untapped power of God insight yourself that is Light itself. Although there may be few in numbers serving the Light compared to the embodied souls on earth, with this power we can transcend the numbers by being who we are in peace, and complete a mighty work for God and Saint Germain in helping bring in the Golden Age.

Hercules, "Witness Unto the Truth " June 20, 2003
For those who feel a flame to uphold truth as their calling, these teachings are for you. We should not be quick to judge and speak out until we have studied the truth from within our hearts and researched the matter further.
Unascended Ascended Master , "Message of Truth" June 20, 2003
We are told that we must defend our right to be doing our missions and be the God flame we know we must be and reveals who is speaking.
Jesus the Christ, "Light of the Christ Consciousness" June 22, 2003
Jesus reminds us that we are worthy of the Christ consciousness and that we are Gods and that he has come already in our hearts.
Sanat Kumara, "Let There Be Light!", June 22, 2003
Sanat Kumara brings a higher understanding of "Let there be Light" and the interconnectedness of all life in Matter with Spirit.
Beloved El Morya, "My Messenger Delivers My Word" June 23, 2003
A reinforcement of Astrea's words that woe to those who try to stop communion with the Great White Brotherhood through their chosen representative.
Saint Germain, "Your Destiny in God is Now!
June 21, 2003
He reminds us that he is always at are side to give us the technologies and sciences for the Golden Age, whether we know it or not. And he asks us to pick up our torches of our missions as the Goddess of Liberty and others have asked us to do, and that our calling is to be God in embodiment.
Maha Chohan, "Preparing a Chalice For the Holy Spirit" June 23, 2003
The Maha Chohan needs our heart chalice to pour the Holy Spirit in. He asks us to make our chalices ready.
Beloved Lanello, "The Power Within - Sealed until You Access It" June 21, 2003
He tells us we have a power inside our hearts that no one can take from us, but we must know it and go after it through the I AM Presence. But we must rise up to the Presence to find it, he cannot come down to our level of consciousness.
Hercules with Arcturus and Victoria, "Message of Peace" June 21, 2003
Hercules prepares the way as Arcturus come reminding us to give the violet flame as the earth changes will come in answer to God's call:" Let there be Light!" We are told that the place to be is in the center of peace and that will see us through.
Buddha of the Ruby Ray, "Make the Call!"
June 21, 2003
The Buddha reminds us that those hourly calls to Sanat Kumara are important, and when we do them we are calling to him as well. The Ruby Ray is stored in our hearts and is the judgment that can be used at any time by the Hierarchs of Light if we bank the fires on our hearts and give the calls and decrees. And they need as much as we can bring, as well as lots of violet flame.
Beloved Magda with Jesus, "Earth Changes and What You Can Do" June 21, 2003
Whether we believe it or not, the earth changes will come. Our belief or not will affect the future of these changes as there will be loss of lives. We can implore the Lords of Karma for dispensations to multiply our decrees as the earth's continents have been inundated before, and can happen again. We have been veiled from remembering, but as we see the vastness of the oceans today, we can realize the potential for land destruction is great.
Buddha of the Ruby Ray with his Angels
and Legions of "Honor and Integrity" Angels
"Bank the Fires of the Ruby Ray"
June 22, 2003

The Buddha comes with the angels of judgment and asks us to bank the fires of the Ruby Ray that our hearts might be filled that they may dip into at any time to bring this judgment. He explains that the have-nots will have what even they have not, taken away as prophecied in the Bible.
Great Divine Director, "The Time Is Now" June 22, 2003
Calamity is nothing new on this planet. But we must remain in peace and know that by following God's will we will be able to fulfill our divine plans and reach our ascensions. Being is the key in that we need to be in action doing our missions, now.
Mother of the World, "Your Heart - A Sacred Place of God" June 22, 2003
We cannot just enter the heart of God inside ourselves and take whatever substance that is not God good with us. It is a sacred place and we must go find the love and bring it in to find God, without the unreal.
Elohim Astrea, "The Future of Your Community"
June 23, 2003
A word of warning that there is message being sent out by your so-called leaders forbidding communication with the Great White Brotherhood.
Unascended Ascended Master
"There Are Many Messengers For the Great White Brotherhood
June 22, 2003

Explanation what the mantle of the Great White Brotherhood is and how she came to have it. She warns to think again before you judge someone unworthy to carry the mantle as this is the day and age of judgment.
Divine Mother, "The Mysteries of Speaking From the Heart" June 24, 2003
A new teaching from the heart of the Mother on speaking from the heart in love, either from the Father God or Mother God within us, but never from both.
Babaji, "Being Unascended Ascended Masters" June 23, 2003
Babaji comes to tutor us on the require-ments of the ascension process and to instruct us on unascended ascended masters.
Great Divine Director, "Balancing Your Threefold Flame" June 24, 2003
Balancing your threefold flame is the key to expanding your heart chakra so you may receive have a chalice for the Holy Spirit. He offers to write him for guidance on what your lowest plume is.
Alpha & Omega, "The Truth Is the Truth!" June 23, 2003
If the messenger be an ant, heed him! We are asked not to let the controversy over the Messengership take us from the truth. The truth is truth. And if the Word be true, pick up your torches and run.
El Morya, "The Time is Now! - Slay Your Unreal Self" June 25, 2003
We have been reminded by Shakespeares words: to be or not to be...that we need to be now. We are told this over and over to outwit the carnal minds objections. Now is the time to slay that unreal self.
Melchizedek, "Remember Your Calling in the Order of Melchizedek" June 24, 2003
This Order was formed long ago, before we came to earth and we are reminded of being a part of it and that we came to speak out the truth. We receive teachings on how to recognize those who have no light of their own.

Great Divine Director, "Your Brethren in Your Communities" June 26, 2003

A message about the brethren who are not open to truth and how we must let them go after giving them the truth and praying for them.

God, "I AM Waiting for You to Be" June 24, 2003
Where is God? How does God be in our form? He is in us, but not. It is up to us to choose to be.
A Representative of God, "Christed Ones Appearing" June 30, 2003
Cosmic beings have come into embodiment in this age and thereby we may have entertained angels unaware. There are also Christed beings who were born to help bring in the Golden Age.
Confucius, "Wisdom of the Ages" June 25, 2003
Further wisdom on how to be who you are through love in action. And he gives us his recommendation on diets for the Golden Age, with the most important aspect being the elimination of sugar and caffeine from our diets.

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